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Stray dogs save man from armed robbery [Vídeo]

The incident that took place in the city of Jose Leon Suarez, Argentina, has gone viral on the networks, proving that the loyalty of dogs has no boundaries.
Security camera footage captured the two men in action as they attempted to rob a third man, only to be stopped by two street dogs.
First, a couple on a motorcycle passes by, probably looking for a potential victim. When the men return, one of the attackers threatens the victim with a gun, while the other is waiting on a motorcycle, ready to escape;
“He was sitting on the sidewalk, his cell phone was distracted, and he didn’t understand that a motorcycle passed by and came back after a few seconds,” said Daniel’s wife, the man who was about to be attacked.
And he continued. “They asked to “hand over everything, hand over everything”, and he said “take everything”, and when he speaks, the Shits understand that there is a danger and act.”

Heroines of brave dogs fearlessly attacked the attackers, biting and barking fiercely. “Get out, get out!” shouted one of the criminals, but it wasn’t enough to drive them away, so the two quickly ran away.

The main characters of the video clip are mother and daughter, named Malvina and Sofia. They were abandoned by a man who lived next door and has lived with another street dog in the area for five years. The three are cared for and fed by all the local residents.


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