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A great promotion for a set of games from the famous Polish 11-bit studio has just started on Steam. We will now buy a package packed with hits worth more than 1000 PLN for less than 10% of that amount!

11 bit studios is one of the most famous Polish developers – no wonder, because this team has world famous productions, such as Frostpunk or This War of Mine.

Now, as part of the latest promotion on the Steam digital distribution service, we can own full set of games from this studio with all downloadable content and other digital content.

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The standard price for this set is 1086.13 PLN. Now, however, this pack is offered at a discount of up to 91%! This means that the complete 11-bit Studio Grand Collection package now only costs 99.62 PLN.

What will we find in this set? Well, there’s a lot of good here:

  • Frostpunk + DLC + soundtrack
  • This Mine War + DLC
  • Children of Morta + DLC
  • Moonlighter + DLC + Soundtrack
  • South of the Circle + soundtrack + e-book
  • beat the cop
  • Anomalies 2
  • Anomaly Defenders
  • Korea Anomaly
  • Anomaly Warzone Land + Mobile Campaign
  • Spacecom
  • Tower 57

11 bit photo studios

Impressive, right? This is a bundle for hundreds of hours of top-shelf play, definitely worth checking out. We have all the time to buy The promotion will be available until March 23, 11:59 p.m.

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