It’s seductive. It’s sexy. And you can’t put it down.

Hands down, one of my favorite romance novels. You can’t help but root for Liberty to find a happy ending after all the sacrifices and hardships she’s had to endure in her life. Sugar Daddy is one of my all time favorite romance novels. It’s definitely a must read.

Overview: Liberty has dealt with a lot in life. She’s raised her sister alone, put herself through school and is finally making things work. All by herself. When her past flame and her current love interest cross her life path at the same time, she must choose between them.
Published: April 1, 2010
Theme: Southern romance, love triangles, self-sufficient woman, single mother, rich alpha male cowboy
Heros: Hardy is the flame of the past, but he’s made a name for himself and is incredibly successful and everything Liberty remembers. Gage
Heroine: Liberty is admirable with her strong spirit. She raises her sister on her own with no money and trailer park roots. You can’t help but hope she gets the best out of life.
The Sex: Seductive, amazing, and there could probably be a little bit more! It’s so meaningful and deep.
The Writing: Lisa Kleypas is a master at keeping the storyline gripping and seductive. Her stories have a way of wrapping around you, like a comforting cup of coffee.