Supertunie is a hit in 2023! They are better than petunias and surfina. Would you like to have cascades of flowers on your balcony? Meet supertunies and other new variations

Petunias and surfinas have been decorating our balconies for years, but you should know that new varieties have appeared that are even more beautiful and long-lasting. These include supertunias and mixtures of petunias and calibrachoi, which delight with cascades of multi-colored flowers. Check what to choose and how to grow them and your balconies and terraces will be covered in flowers from spring to autumn.


Garden petunias have recently been somewhat less appreciated flowers. But you must know that they have hundreds of varieties and species, which include, among others. surf. These are cascading petunias that produce long shoots, covered with large, colorful flowers (“ordinary” surfinas are shorter and have an upright habit). Surfini are the ones who took surfini off the throne and proudly rule the balconies and terraces. But there are many indications that their position as balcony leaders is threatened. Because new varieties have appeared in recent years that have the beauty of surfini, but are more durable, less capricious, easier to care for and bloom for a really long time. This one supertunie and several other varieties.

Don’t miss the photos! See what the new varieties of petunias and surfinia look like

Supertunie, actually Supertunia VISTA, is variety of cascading petunias (Petunia x hybrida pendula), from which their name originates super surfing. They have hanging shoots that can grow up to 1 meter in length, while their habit is quite compact. They produce a lot of flowers, more than ordinary surfins, although they may be a bit smaller, but in their mass it is difficult to see the difference. Another advantage is that they are more resistant to conditions, especially rain, which often destroys surfin. After rainfall, supertuns recover much faster. They bloom earlier and bloom until frost. An important advantage is that they are self-cleaning facilities – that is, their flowers fall off by themselves when they bloom (you don’t have to pluck them like surfinis, but take into account that they “get trashed” and that’s probably their only drawback). However, you must know this they do not set seed.

VISTA supertunias have flowers of various colors. Among the most popular are:

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