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Supporters of Arthur Neto could abandon ship due to interference Elisabeth Valeiko – Portal CM7 – Notícias de Manaus i Amazonas

Written by Fanny on July 4, 2022 at 12:57 pm

Amazon – Complaints by PSDB Amazonas pre-candidate have been constant, regarding the interference of the former first lady and national president of PSDB Mulhera, Elisabeth Valeiko. Candidates for state representatives, who do not want to be identified for fear of retaliation within the party, condemned Elisabeth’s alleged maneuver to favor candidate Socorro Sampaio, who, according to them, would be the president’s “favorite”. ” within the party..

Elisabeth is known within PSDB Amazonas as the rain boss. She is the one who decides. To give you an idea, it is being aired in the political backroom that Elisabeth would force the bar so that her “disciple”, Conceição Sampaio, is nominated as Amazon’s deputy. However, the old chief has told close supporters that he prefers to stay away from Elisabeth. Elisabeth’s involvement is so great within the acronym that, according to our investigation, she would rent a luxury property near Ponta Negra and near Itaporanga Condominium, where she lives, in order to have more control and carefully monitor all movements.

The front-runners denounce that there is an agreement that Elisabeth will apparently break. According to them, the agreement would be that Conceição would be launched as a pre-candidate for federal deputy by a federation composed of PSDB and Cidadania. But, after analyzing the political situation, analysts advised Elisabeth to change plans to her “favorite”, Conceição Sampaio, given that the candidate Amon Mandel is the favorite in the dispute, since the federation can only choose one federal.. Elisabeth would intend to launch Conceição Sampaio for the country and would invest heavily in her campaign.


Conceição Sampaio is the only candidate who accompanies Arthur Virgílio in his wanderings in the Amazon in the pre-campaign. He uses the whole ex-mayor structure and appears in all of them with Elisabeth and Arthur.

Elisabeth Valeiko does not hide that she prefers Conceição Sampaio within the party. In 2020, it was the request of “Betinha” that put the former deputy as the deputy of Alfredo Nascimento in the race for mayor. The result was a fiasco.

In 2018, Conceição was the candidate who profited the most from the distribution of the party fund and took a large donation and a large sum of money from the party’s national directory, all articulated by Elisabeth. Conceição took a pittance of more than R$2 million for her campaign expenses, as shown in the account statement:

To give you an idea, in one of the bills issued for Conceição’s campaign, R$85,000.00 was spent on content and media creation work alone. Expenses worthy of a majority campaign.

Another note shows that in addition to the organization of the rally, the walks and the organization of the event, Conceição spent R$ 45,000.00, in just one note:

It does not stop there, Conceição had at least two planes to travel around the countryside in the campaign, a jet and another wagon model plane, as shown in the accounting of what was paid to Rico Taxi Aéreo, the company that was responsible for the millions of logistics of Betinho’s candidate.

According to the party’s front-runners, if the rumors that Elisabeth Valeiko should run Conceição Sampaio for the state become true, there will be a drain on the federation and thus support for Arthur’s campaign for the Senate, which would bring huge damage to the former. plans to return the mayor to the national congress.

We are preparing a special article about the “political headquarters” that Elisabeth set up in one of the most expensive areas of Manaus, Ponta Negri, and how the “all-powerful” operates within the PSDB.

* Photos featured in this article were taken from social media and print from Accountability to Electoral Justice. All content is in the public domain and available on the web for any user to access.

*With information from the Lin9 portal*.

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