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Amanda Schneider
March 9, 2023 – 21:02

With more than 15 years of experience in branding, knowledge curation, behavioral economics and neuroscience, Interbrand’s chief strategy officer, Anne Grecco, opens her program for the first day of SXSW 2023.

Anne Grecco, Chief Strategy Officer at Interbrand, presents her agenda for the first day of SXSW 2023 (Credit: Publicity)

“My overall list is quite long, because you never know where we’ll actually end up watching the panels. But here I chose the little stars from the wish list on the 10th, Friday. And I will be brief, so as not to reproduce in the reader the infamous FOMO (fear of missing out) that we live with so many cool things happening at the same time”.

Why journalists and futurists need to talk

11:30 – 12:30*

Austin Convention Center – Room 18AB

It will be interesting to think about the prophets of a topic based on the facts of the past and now with another that proposes to “anticipate” the future. What paths should or must journalism take and what futuristic premises should exist in this new world context? I look forward to seeing the discussion at this panel, with Matt Thompson of the New York Times and Stuart Candy of Carnegie Mello University.

Designing capital through an Afrofuturistic prism

14:30 – 15:30*

Hilton Austin Downtown – Salon B

Without a doubt, one of the most relevant and interesting concepts of innovation is in the study and development of Afrofuturism, that artistic and philosophical movement that combines elements of science fiction, African history and technology to imagine a future with equality. It’s not every day that an interactive panel with designers, artists and futurists working on proposing new ideas and platforms for collective action and a fairer world happens. If you want to find me, you can look for me in that row.

Designing technology for the benefit of children

14:30 – 15:30*

JW Marriott – Salon 7-8

As a mother of two-year-old twins, I wonder: what can and should we do to maintain the well-being and sanity of children (and caring families) in the digital age? Elizabeth Milovidov, head of Lego global digital safety for children, will also participate in this panel, in addition to dealing with this very topic.

Raising the Bar: Public-Private Partnerships, Unlocking Career Success

16 – 17 h*

Austin Convention Center – Room 16AB

In my leadership and management practice, I usually say that “hierarchy should be a support system,” not an ego-affirming structure. In this role, we have a great social responsibility, which goes beyond the walls of the company. I have a list for this topic throughout the event (I could do a whole article on it), but for the 10th I’ll try this one. Here I want to understand a bit more about how public-private partnerships will be fundamental in building career programs for the future, in developing young talent and in encouraging workforce diversification. The promise of the discussion, moderated by US Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardona, is also to explore learning pathways and experiences that are in line with the most modern demands of the 21st century economy, both in public schools and institutions of higher education.

Soil Power Happy Hour…barbecue + beer + other cool stuff

17:00 – 19:00*


I have to admit that Patagonia is one of the reasons I went to the event this year. Not only because they are so present, with experiences and even an event with their CEO, but because of their excellent positions that put them on the selected list of “brands as an act of leadership”. Having said that, in my spare time I will try to go through the experiences they provide. In this experience, we will learn about the practice of “Certified Regenerative Organic” (a new certification standard that raises the level of production of ingredients for food, textiles and personal care, bringing a higher quality of life to farmers). As a bonus, I still get happy hour.

*Austin time zone

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