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March 12, 2023 – 9:39 am

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Sunday will be the most thankless day of this edition of SXSW. There are many important panels and lectures and a difficult choice will have to be made. Among so many possible paths, I’ll share with you what SXSW 2023 has in store for us this Sunday (12th) with an agenda dedicated to the Maker Economy.

The day starts with Brazil on the list. There are specifics in comparing the US and Latin American creative economies, and at 10 a.m. Hotmart will host the panel “How LatAm Creators Generate Inclusion and Income,” dedicated to discussing the creative economy in Latin America and how creators are diversifying their sources of income. income from your expertise.

For those who want to hear another perspective – from the other side of the world – on the creative economy, the Asian Creator Economy Meet Up is taking place at the same time, with discussions ranging from transparency in payments to emerging trends and the unusual stay here – Yes have you noticed how the curve of adherence to live shopping is moving slowly in the world, except in Asian countries? I wanted to talk to the creators there and better understand why this is happening.

Any more for creators? He has! The “Own Your Destiny: A New Era for Content Creators” panel features Jim Louderback, one of the people most immersed in the creator economy around the world. I always like to hear what he has to say and the best, always from a new perspective.

There is no creative economy without an essential ingredient: community. And to discuss this topic, I want to hear what Spotter and Kinigra Deon have to say on the Fueling the Creator Economy by Building Community panel. Communities are the key to modern communication and should be on the radar not only of creators, but also of all communication professionals.

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