SXSW – South by Southwest

March 12, 2023 – 3:14 in the afternoon

Credit: Luciana Padovani

The start for SXSW is today.

Even after hearing from many people about the size of the event, I was only here to realize how a huge hall manages to be packed with people waiting their turn to get a badge that gives them access to the lecture tracks, in lines of almost 2 hours.

As luck would have it – we had a lot planned, but not this – our group arrived a day early and managed to skip the line, giving us time to enjoy the local gravy: Texas BBQ at Iron Works, live music at San Jaco and (big ) piano duel at Pete’s.

The first lecture in the plan: John D’Amaro, President of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, demonstrated in practice the pillars of his company: storytelling, creativity and innovation.

In a well-crafted speech, enhanced by light sabers, skating robots and a conversation with a life-sized Tinker Bell, D’Amaro lives up to the high expectations of a huge audience the same way Disney does with its guests, in the parks. : creating moments of connection and happiness.

It is a technology that supports the physical experience, which is taken care of in detail, to draw the “wows” out of those who are there.

Whenever I see the Disney stamp, I imagine and expect something of high quality. And yet, I walked away from my debut event thinking: let’s make SXSW the same! A source of inspiration and happiness, capable of turning the expected into something surprising.

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