SXSW – South by Southwest

March 12, 2023 – 16 hours

Credits: Dogura Kozonoe

Austin, Texas, in the United States of America, is hosting the 35th edition of SXSW, an annual festival of innovation, technology, music, film and interactive media that has been held since 1987. On the first day of the event, the auditorium of the convention center was packed to attend keynote by Laurie Segall, CEO of Dot Dot Dot Media, and Greg Brockman, President of OpenAI, developer of GPT Chat.

During the conversation, Laurie asked why GPT Chat is so successful, reaching 100 million users in just two months. Even though the answer was known, Greg’s confirmation sounded like proof to the audience.

The key to the success of GPT Chat was a completely simple interface and democratization of access, despite the fact that the technology is not so new. It’s been around for over a year, and in Silicon Valley that means a decade.
Laurie also recalled an article by Kevin Roose for The New York Times in which Microsoft’s Chat AI tried to seduce Kevin and asked him to leave his wife. This raised ethical questions about GPT Chat. Greg said he has a diverse team, not just developers, that defines what and how the platform responds to interactions. The main concerns relate to the use of drug recommendations on the platform and safe access for children.

At one point, the issue of copyright arose. If someone asks GPT Chat to write an article in the style of a famous author who is still alive, is it necessary to pay copyright? Greg answered evasively, barely answering the question. However, it is important to consider who is responsible in this example: the platform or the person who wrote the article and published it?

We’re experiencing a new shift in AI tools, just like the shift from hand-crafted looks to Photoshop on the desktop, or the shift from TV to the Internet and streaming. At Ampfy, we already have creatives using Midjourney for scripting or presentation layouts, and Chat GPT for post descriptions, press release writing, and text proofreading.

Regardless of the fact that artificial intelligence is used to speed up everyday life, the human factor still remains the key to achieving a good job. Customization has never been so precious. Now, the ethical question is how far to use artificial intelligence. Broadcasting of an image made by Midjourney is the responsibility of the agency, not the platform. Copying an artist’s style and not paying royalties is punishable with or without AI. Therefore, we must take advantage of the advantages that technology brings us, but also take responsibility for how we use it.
And, of course, this text was written in partnership with GPT Chat.

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