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Thai Monteiro
March 14, 2023 – 0h18

Nine years ago, actress Tilda Swinton and Sundance Film Festival and Sundance Institute Director Eugene Hernandez were on South by Southwest to discuss her career and insights into the art of filmmaking. This same formation was on stage in Ballroom D, the main hall of the Austin Convention Center, this Monday afternoon, the 13th. In her conversation with Eugene Hernandez nine years later, the actress celebrated the return of cinema and working together.

The actress is also at SXSW for the release of The Problemista (Provided by: Playback)

There is a reason why the same setup was repeated at SXSW 2023. Tilda has stated that she likes to do projects with a setup that they have already done well. Not by chance, the actress spent nine years working with the first director who hired her, Derek Jarman, with whom she made seven films. The collaboration lasted until the end of the director’s life, who died of AIDS.

This working and friendly relationship also shows what Tilda values ​​in the way she works. Instead of roles, the actress analyzes the professionals involved in the production before accepting to be a part of it, along with the process of character transformation. It’s something to do with his early career. Studying writing at Cambridge University, Swinton ended up in theater not because she enjoyed or enjoys acting – she prefers not to think of herself as an actress – but because she made friends who studied theater and enjoyed being with them. “My ambitions were to live in Scotland by the sea, have a vegetable garden, have children and dogs and work with friends,” he said.

Therefore, as connections were made with other professionals in the industry, she began to join new projects and gain notoriety. They are currently among the films in which he appears The last and the first man, Caravaggio, problem solver, Chronicles of Narnia, Doctor Strange, Orlando, Memory and others.

It is his opinion that part of the anxiety that is part of the youth today comes from the need for individuality when individual work cannot be the norm. “It occurred to me that there is a belief that when you work and become visible, all the focus goes to you. But you can be a collective, keep that spirit. There is a virus going around about being an individual. In my generation it was something more collective. That way it was possible to talk more. Today I feel the pressure to cut ties and be a narcissist. This can make many people sad because they want to be in a group. I’m not good at division. For the last 30 years, I have only been close to my peers. If you want to do it that way, you can,” he asserted.

back from the cinema

At the start of the panel, both Tilda and Eugene celebrated “Everything and Everywhere at Once” winning Best Picture at the 2023 Academy Awards, which took place the night before. “Oscars are not always good for cinema. This morning I think it’s a new game.”

In addition, during the conversation, Tilda celebrated the return of cinema after the Covid-19 pandemic. He believes that going to the cinema will become a habit of the audience, who have become accustomed to watching series and feature films on demand when cinemas are closed.

“I was afraid that this would gain momentum. But if you ask anyone what they miss is family, friends, concerts and movies. It was a confidence boost. Cinema is an event,” he said. Nine years ago, Tilda described the cinema as a ride on a magic carpet. The opinion remains.

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