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March 7, 2023 – 21:46

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SXSW is the event of the year for anyone who wants to spice up their life with new ideas and fresh trends. And if you’re interested in the food and beverage industry, this year’s edition is full of opportunities for inspiration. In more than seven thousand attractions, we have at least thirty of them directly related to the world of food and about eighty related topics. With such a diverse menu of options, how do you prioritize?

First, some considerations:

1. Don’t just talk about food and drink, open your appetite for similar and complementary topics. If you limit yourself to only conversations directly related to your industry, you could end up with a monotonous and bland menu.

2. Another important tip is to adopt a systematic approach to the agri-food chain. Think from cultivation and production to distribution and marketing and look for solutions for each step.

3. And don’t forget the cross-cutting perspective of human behavior, technology, environment, politics and economics, which applies to all industries.
Regarding this year’s lectures, it is worth mentioning that the Food trail is sponsored by a brave start-up that attracted attention with its “meat” based on mushrooms.

While I carefully analyzed the food track, the lectures that caught my attention the most were:

1. “It’s time to talk about food: the question of how to feed a hungry world”
Starting with the order of priorities, there is no point in discussing luxury food trends while millions of people around the world are struggling to access basic food. That is why it is essential to look beyond the plate and explore the reality of where food comes from, what actually qualifies as food, who grows our food and possible sustainable solutions to the global hunger crisis.

2. “Immediate change in the plant ecosystem”
A panel composed of the director of Meati, chef star David Chang and the founder of Sweetgreen (fast food salad), which promises a good discussion about changes in consumer behavior and paradigms related to alternative meat. Finally, there is a tasting of Meati mushrooms.

3. “From Goiás to the world: smart agribusiness to save lives”
I couldn’t help but mention the green and yellow panel about how Brazil is working with cutting-edge technology in agriculture – such as artificial intelligence that determines what is needed for irrigation and fertilization.

4. “SXSW Pitch: Food, Nutrition and Health”

Five startups compete for the award and present innovative solutions that are already being implemented. Imagine having the opportunity to see disruptive ideas in action and still find potential partnerships through open innovation?! It is a unique opportunity to be ahead of trends and to be inspired by the most promising ideas on the market.

5. Everything in food

That’s extra wind dedicated to feeding that lasts all day! There are more than 50 speakers, films, tastings. This event is a must for anyone interested in food.

Finally, remember that, like a good recipe, optimal arrangement requires a personal and creative touch. Take the opportunity to try new things, mix flavors and textures and create something truly original. With a combination of planning and spontaneity, you can make your lecture menu irresistible and surprising. Good apetite!

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