Joe Soares always faced difficult times with humor, says his biographer

Journalist Matinas Suzuki Junior, the author of two volumes of the biography of Jo Soares “O Livro de Jô”, announced this Friday (5). CNN:that humor and the actor always coped with the difficult moments of life with a lot of humor. The biographer cites examples such as the treatment of his son Rafael Soares, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as a child and who died of a brain tumor at the age of 50 in 2014. And even episodes during the Military Dictatorship. “[Ele reagia] always with…

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News Meghan Markle - The brutal duchess "trampled on people" to get to the top with a completely cynical step, says biographer Entertainment 

News Meghan Markle – The brutal duchess “trampled on people” to get to the top with a completely cynical step, says biographer

Meghan Markle allegedly ‘trampled people’ to get to the top. Tom Bower spoke to GB News about his upcoming book, which contains “extraordinary information” about Markle. According to the Daily Mail, Bower claimed that the book would contain stories from Royal’s ‘victims’. When GB News presenter Mark Dolan asked him about his book, Bower replied, “Well, I’ve actually finished it and it’s coming out very soon. “It’s a story, an untold story. I found things in it that are really extraordinary. “And I think the public’s perception of it will…

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Violent biographer Orlando Brito has died in Brazil at the age of 72

× Reproduction / Facebook Political photojournalism lost 72-year-old Orlando Brito, the professional who best portrayed the backstage of the Brazilian government. He died of complications from bowel cancer surgery. He leaves his daughter, Carolina, to his grandchildren, Theo and Thomas. Orlandinho was known as one of the country’s most award-winning photographers, the first Brazilian to receive the World Press Photo Prize from the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands. Laureate of the Abril de Fotografia Award 11 times, he was considered a professional “hero”. He has published six photo books,…

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