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One on the harpsichord, the other on the horseshoe. Moro names in Dino’s PF

🇧🇷 Photo: TV PT via YouTube At the same time that he received Odebrecht’s former lawyer at the National Secretariat of Justice, Flavio Dino was appointed to the General Directorates of the Federal Police, part of Sergio Moro’s team at the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. Ricardo Saadi will be Director of Investigations and Organized Crime, the crown jewel of the PF, while Rodrigo Morais will take on the coveted Directorate of Intelligence. Saadi was the PF inspector in Rio. was noted for increasing the team’s productivity and eventually…

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Bolsonaro PL should support Flavio Dino's candidate in Maranio World News 

Bolsonaro PL should support Flavio Dino’s candidate in Maranio

×: Photo by Valter Campanato / Agência Brasil THE: PL by Jair Bolsonaro must be handed over own candidacy to support Maranyao’s deputy governorCarlos Brandao (PSB), an ally of Flavio Dino (PSB) in a dispute over state governance. So far a federal MP Josimar Maranjaozino He was appointed a candidate for state administration to give a platform to the president of the republic. But the members of Poland to work to support the deputy governor In the elections of the Chamber of Deputies և Legislative Assembly. In addition, Josimar himself…

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