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Silvio Santos’ tribute to Jo Soares

×: Playback / TV SBT’s tribute to Joe Soares will not be limited to The Noite. Silvio Santos channel will dedicate the next two nights to the comedian who worked at the station in 1988-1999. This Friday from 02:45 SBT will repeat the historical interviews of “Jô Soares Onze e Meia”.Joe’s first talk show. “Veja O Gordo” will be in the spotlight tomorrow at 02:15.which continued the success of “Viva O Gordo” popular on Globo. Joe’s last visit to SBT was in 2017 when he received the Press Trophy. More…

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“I have a really strong genius,” says Silvia Abravanel, the most controversial daughter of Silvio Santos.

In a conversation with F5, she talks about the relationship between the sisters, the initial shock when she found out that she was adopted, and the controversies she was involved with. Silvio Santos’ 2nd daughter, Silvia Abravanel, is said to have inherited, albeit not biologically, many of her father’s personality traits, including his talent for communication. A host at the family station where she started as an “intern”, she says nothing has been easy in her career or life. With a reputation for temper, Silvia does not deny that she…

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The woman makes "L" to Lula during the speech of the Bolsonar MP in the program Silvio Santos English 

The woman makes “L” to Lula during the speech of the Bolsonar MP in the program Silvio Santos

A video that is going viral on social media shows a girl in the Silvio Santos Program auditorium making an “L” with her hands, showing support for former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, during a speech by Frederico D’Ávila, state . MP for São Paulo, Paulo for PL (Liberal Party), Bolsonaro party. The MP went to the program to present the SBT owner with an Medal of Merit from the São Paulo State Legislative Assembly. However, during the participation, a spectator who was in the audience of the program…

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Silvio Santos surprises by speaking out about transsexuality in his program;  LOOKING Entertainment 

Silvio Santos surprises by speaking out about transsexuality in his program; LOOKING

The presenter was highly praised on social media for being ‘didactic’ when talking about the topic on national television along with a trans woman. Reproduction / SBT Silvio Santos was praised on social media for his stance on transsexuality The guest Silvio Santoswho has often sparked controversy over his controversial comments, is being praised for defending in his Sunday program on SBT transsexuality. when talking to Ava SimõesMiss Trans International 2019, the presenter said:You controlling the years are passing and you are feeling like a girl [em um corpo de…

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The big bet of Silvio Santos World News 

The big bet of Silvio Santos

×: Gabriel Cardoso / SBT Returning to the audience, Silvio Santos moved the Press Trophy award, which was traditionally held on Sundays, to the following Wednesday evening at 9:30 p.m. SBT’s strategy is quite simple: use Brasileirão’s presence in Globo to attract Pantanal viewers. On football days, the TV show ends an hour earlier, at around 9:25 p.m. SBT received unexpected assistance in this mission. The new series of Record – “All the girls in me” is disappointing from the point of view of the audience. Last Wednesday’s episode in…

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Silvio Soledade visits PROPMARK to strengthen APP relationship with car English 

Silvio Soledade visits PROPMARK to strengthen APP relationship with car

The president of the organization politely emphasizes the plans for 2022 This Wednesday (8), Armando Ferentini, publisher of Editora Referência, edited by PROPMARK, received CEO Silvio Soledade for a courtesy visit by the APP (Association of Advertising Professionals) և Thanks for the car’s cooperation with the organization. Soledaden explained to Ferentini this year the APP’s plans, including the launch of the Garra do Galo Award, which recognizes the talent of Brazilian advertising professionals. Ferentini և Soledaden at the headquarters of Editora Referência (Revelation) “APP provides an excellent service to advertising,…

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Montagem com Celso Portiolli de cueca e Silvio Santos Entertainment 

Silvio Santos scolds Celso Portiolli after appearing on TV only in underwear: ‘It’s ridiculous’

The ‘Domingo Legal’ presenter explained to the SBT owner that it was a bet; LOOKING Reproduction / SBT Silvio Santos has said that Celso Portioli has appeared with underwear on the show The guest Celso Portiolli participated in the “Program Silvio Santos”Last Sunday, at 8, and ended up getting an ear pull from the owner of SBT. A week ago the presenter of “Domingo Legal” appeared only in lingerie in the attraction. Before the “3-track game” started, Silvio commented on the issue with the employee: “Should a TV presenter appear…

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Silvio Santos returns with an SBT audience record World News 

Silvio Santos returns with an SBT audience record

×: Gabriel Cardoso / SBT According to a preliminary poll by Kantar Ibope Media, the return of Silvio Santos to television left SBT’s viewership. Yesterday (1st) edition of the Silvio Santos Program in Sao Paulo averaged 8.7 points, beating the record (7.8) և Band (2.9). It lost to Globo (17.7), but surpassed the 2022 spectator record. One rating for this poll corresponds to 205,377 viewers. More news

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SBT shows Silvio Santos returning to television tomorrow World News 

SBT shows Silvio Santos returning to television tomorrow

×: Gabriel Cardoso / SBT Silvio Santos returns to SBT. The host, who even tried to return to television in 2021 before being infected with Covid-19, will be rebroadcast on Silvio Santos tomorrow at 8 pm. Without Silvio Santos, SBT’s Sunday nights began to be anchored by his daughter, Patricia Abravanel. The reaction of the society, however, was not the best. The Silvio Santos Program plummeted in Ibope and became an easy prey for Record’s “Impressive Sunday”. The triumphant return of Silvio Santos mobilized several SBT specialists. Benjamin Beck, Ottaviano…

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Lívia Andrade e Silvio Santos Entertainment 

Silvio Santos opens the match and reveals the real reason for L shkarkvia Andrade’s dismissal

The SBT owner also talked about the photo in which he appeared without his prostheses and the unusual meeting with MC Lan. Reproduction / Instagram / liviaandradereal Silvio Santos said Lívia Andrade was fired after having a very high salary The guest Silvio Santos returned to SBT after eight months away and commented on the dismissal of Livia Andradethe photo in which he looked toothless and meeting with MC Lan. The owner of SBT decided to rest a few months laterwas diagnosed with Covid-19. During Silvio’s absence, Patricia Abravanel, one…

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