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Take pictures: startup prints albums of photos sent by WhatsApp

Gabriela Haber, founder of Leve Fotos (image credit: Meu Olhar Fotos)

In the age of digital photography, people are taking photos all the time with their smartphones, but have lost the habit of printing them. Consequently, the habit of producing family or event photo albums practically disappeared. Because a startup from Rio wants to save the habit of making photo albums, but reconcile it with our new digital habits. Leve Fotos proposes printing albums from photos sent by WhatsApp, the most popular application today in Brazil.

“The mission is to save the habit of recording special moments and turn them into eternal memories”, comments the founder of Leve Fotos, Gabriela Haber, in conversation with Mobile Time. The idea came during the pandemic, when her mother prepared handmade albums with her granddaughter’s photos. The result delighted family and friends and ended up inspiring the entrepreneur to create Leve Fotos.

How does it work?

Each Leve Fotos album has 20 pages and holds up to 41 photos (including one on the cover). In practice, it is a book with pictures printed on the pages. The price is R$144.90, with shipping included throughout Brazil.

To hire, you must first make a payment on the Leve Fotos website. After that, the WhatsApp journey begins, talking to the Leve Fotos bot (+55 21 97157-5535). The conversation is fluid and guided by the virtual assistant. The customer informs the order number and is then invited to send the photos via WhatsApp. If you want a specific order, just send photo by photo separately. Alternatively, you can send them all at once and Leve Fotos will sort them randomly. Appearance depends on the start. The album arrives at the customer’s home in up to ten days.


Leve Fotos will now start investing in social media marketing to promote its service. Expected to sell 700 albums in six months. The startup is also looking for partnerships with travel agencies and party houses that want to offer album printing to their customers.

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