TCU accepts the request from the Public Ministry to investigate the complaints at CaixaEntertainment 

TCU accepts the request from the Public Ministry to investigate the complaints at Caixa

Allegations of sexual harassment by the bank’s former president, Pedro Guimarães, were made public last week.

André Dusek / AGE / Estadão ContentsTCU facade, in Brasilia
The court accepted the request of the Public Prosecutor of Accounts

O court Accounts of the union (TCU) accepted a request made by public ministry to investigate allegations of sexual harassment against Pedro Guimarãesformer president of Federal Savings Bank. The request was made by the Public Ministry at the NJTK, through the subgroup Lucas Rocha Furtado. Guimarães resigned last week after being the subject of allegations of sexual harassment by bank employees. “When practiced within the field of public administration, bullying generates in society the perception that state institutions are not guided by moral values ​​and are not carried out according to high standards of behavior,” says Furtado in his representation.

The request says that the allegations made against Guimarães are “extremely serious” and show behavior that is “reprehensible and incompatible” with the presidency of one of the largest financial institutions in the country. The deputy prosecutor also says that, if the charges are proven, Pedro Guimarães “has committed sexual and moral harassment against the employees of that public financial institution, which, in addition to characterizing a criminal practice, constitutes a flagrant violation of the administrative principle of morality.” . This principle is provided for in the Constitution.

Guimarães denies the charges. He says he asked to leave his position at the bank to prevent the institution or the government from becoming targets of disgust in an election year.In an avalanche of news and misinformation, my wife, my two children, my marriage of 18 years and I have been hit with several accusations made before even a modicum of defense could be mounted. It is a cruel, unjust, unequal situation that will be corrected in due time with the force of truth,” the economist emphasized in his resignation letter. “The reported accusations are not true and do not reflect my professional or personal attitude. However, I cannot harm the institution or the government by becoming the target of political anger in an election year,” he added.

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