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TCU rules Bolsonaro will keep 2nd set of jewelry for now

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TCU Minister Augusto Nardes, rapporteur of the Saudi jewelry case, decided this Thursday (9) that Jair Bolsonaro keeps the second package. “Until further discussion” from the court.

This is the case with the luxury brand Chopard watch, pen, cufflinks, ring and a rosary of sorts (pictured). However, the former president will not be able to use or sell these pieces in any way.

The case is already with Bolsonaro and is not the first collection of jewelry worth 16 million roubles, which was supposed to be a gift to Michel Bolsonaro, and was seized by the Federal Revenue.

Both packages arrived in Brazil in October 2021 with a delegation from the Ministry of Mines and Energy returning from Saudi Arabia. The entourage led by then minister Bento Albuquerque did not declare the first package at the Guarulhos International Airport customs.

Personal items over $1,000 are taxable and must be declared. According to Senator Flavio Bolsonaro (PL), this was the case with the two gems.

If they were presented to the state, in this case, to the Presidency of the Republic, they would be exempt from taxes, but they still had to be declared, which did not happen, as can be seen in the footage of the delivery of the first package. .

This Thursday, the TCU minister also decided to hear Bolsonaro and Albuquerque about the episode within 15 days. The former president must answer in writing, reports O Globo.

The doubt of Augusto Nardes

Augusto Nardez, the minister who reported the incident at TCU, has a history of Bolsonaroism.

After the electoral defeat in 2022 a recording surfaced that Nardez claimed to be himself “There is a very strong movement in the army” and that the military is going to carry out operations a “Quite a strong result in the nation, [de consequências] unpredictable, unpredictable.’

Earlier this Thursday, Senator Jorge Kajuru (PSB) filed a complaint against Nardez in the case at TCU.

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