Teacher harassment and cat video: MC Pipokinha has canceled shows after controversy

Spotted Fest said it will not condone and fund anyone who ‘uses characters to push the boundaries of common sense’ and PUTZ! The club emphasized that it does not support Funkeira’s latest positions

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MC Pipokinha had two shows canceled after criticism on social networks

singer MC Pipokinha There were already two shows canceled after controversial stances that went viral on social media. First festival to manifest was Spotted Fest who explained in a note that he invited the funk artist to do a show considering the engagement and memes she generated last year. However, the artist’s recent attitudes hindered the organization of the event. “During the last few weeks, some controversial statements have changed our view of the singer and on 06/03 we got to know her new statements with unnecessary behavior of attacking teachers. Our festival was born in an academic environment,” says an excerpt from the statement released on Thursday, 9. “The compression and funding of people who use characters to overcome the limits of common sense are not part of the review and that is why the attraction MC Pipokinha will no longer be part of our event lineup. New names will come.”

BITZ! The club has announced this Friday, the 10th, that it has also canceled Pipokinha’s show. “Last year we attended MC Pipokinha’s engagement, in a relaxed atmosphere and followed by memes, alongside the wave of requests for her to perform at our house. For this reason, we announced the attraction in January 2023. In recent days, we have been following the above-mentioned situations and clarify that we do not agree with anything that has been conveyed. Finally, out of respect for our audience that has been with us for more than 17 years, even without an agreement with the businessmen, we announce the cancellation of Rolê Absurdo that was to be held on March 24 at PUTZ! Club”, the note said. A new attraction will be announced soon.

Controversy after controversy

In recent weeks, Pipokinha’s name has been several times in the most commented topics on Twitter and one of the main controversies involving the singer is related to the comments she made about teachers. When she advised a fan not to argue at school with the teacher because of her, the singer declared: “Poor her, she’s already a teacher. [Para] to be a teacher you have to love the profession, to hear abuse from other people’s children… anyway, you don’t have to have anything to do at home. And still get what a professor gets, which is next to nothing. The teacher is humiliated like hell just for being a teacher”. The funk artist then quipped: “Leave it alone, my dance is R$70,000. Thirty minutes on stage and I earn R$70,000, she doesn’t even earn R$5,000″.

Pipokinha was also the target of criticism after the viralization of a video in which a cat appears licking her chest. She was accused of eroticizing the situation, as she allegedly posted the recording on Privacy, a platform that, like OnlyFans, allows the sharing of erotic content and, in order to gain access, followers must pay a monthly fee. Another moment that had negative consequences on social networks was when the funk artist received oral sex from another woman on stage during a show. In the controversial video, the singer’s fan is seen taking off her clothes and when she is completely naked, she performs the sexual act on the singer. Pipokinha also became controversial when he rebelled at a hotel because he arrived at his room to find his bed untidy and the bathroom wet. “What am I paying for this shit?”, shot the artist.

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