Tech gadgets that will come in handy during a power outage

Coal shortages and war across the eastern border exacerbate social unrest, forcing us to think about the darkest scenarios. Power supply problems can lead to blackouts, i.e., widespread and prolonged power outages, which have a devastating effect on the country’s operations. And although the probability of its occurrence at the moment is quite small, there are already some signs that red lights have been lit in the heads of the Poles. Forewarned is forewarned, so it’s worth considering what gadgets might come in handy even in the event of a short-term power outage.

The Government Security Center issued a statement posted on Twitter, informed that in case of power failure, it is worth having a flashlight and a powerbank with you. We’ve taken that into account and added some other tech gadgets that will come in handy during major crashes.

A flashlight that will start the car

Let’s start with the flashlight mentioned by RCB, but not ordinary, but loaded with several useful functions. In times of crisis, we don’t have the head or time to pack a stack of tools that will save our skin in the worst of times. Therefore, it is worth thinking about accessories that perform several functions.

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The multi-function flashlight from Mophie, a brand known for accessories for devices with the bitten apple logo, among others, isn’t just a light in the dark. The Powerstation Go Rugged is also a cleverly hidden 9900 mAh power bank with a USB-A connector. The 450 lumen LED lamp has an SOS function and a red light option that is clearly visible even from long distances. However, this is not the most interesting. The flashlight is also a portable starter with the necessary cables included. Due to this, it is able to start a car with a 12V battery. It’s good to have it handy not only during power outages, but also during car trips. The lowest price on the network for this unusual flashlight is PLN 319.

Solar power bank

Let’s go to Powerbank. A supposedly obvious gadget, without which many people do not leave the house. However, it should be kept in mind that during a long-term blackout, an ordinary powerbank can become a disposable thing, because we will not be able to charge it, and hardly anyone has a shelf full of spare batteries. So it’s better to be safe than sorry and consider buying a solar power bank that can be instantly recharged with the help of mother nature.


I chose the model from POWERNEED due to its relatively low price and rich set of additional functions, but it is worth noting that there are many other devices on the market with similar capabilities, which differ mainly in price and power. POWERNEED S12000G is a portable battery that draws energy from the sun. 12,000 mAh is enough to charge an average smartphone several times or recharge a tablet. Unfortunately, the solar power is only 1W, so you have to be patient, but it’s better than a completely dead device. On the plus side, the rubber construction with dust proof plugs and IP67 certified for water resistance.

I mentioned additional features. The solar power bank has a built-in electric lighter and LED flashlight, thanks to which we will limit the space filled in the backpack.

The model is available in Polish electric markets for 169 PLN.

Mobile-stationary power bank

Sometimes a regular power bank may not be enough, especially if you have several large devices to charge. We are not sure how long a possible power outage might last. So if, for some reason, you can’t afford to be disconnected from the power supply for a long time, this powerful charging station can be a godsend.

Source: Xtrom

The Xtorm Power Station 300W is a box the size of a car battery at just over 3kg. It hides powerful energy reserves thanks to a capacity of up to 78,000 mAh, which makes it easy not only with a laptop, but also with tools such as a drill, as it provides constant current intensity. The station is equipped with three USB-A ports, one USB-C 60W for fast charging and supports a standard socket. All the necessary parameters, including the state of charge, are shown on the built-in display, and the kit also includes car cables and a special cable for connecting the solar panel.

However, we will have to pay a lot for all these advantages. Prices of the device in Polish stores start from PLN 1,889.

Water purifier with portable shower

We don’t know how critical the chaos caused by the shutdown could be. In case we lose access to running water in addition to electricity, I’m adding an interesting gadget that allows us to filter it directly from reservoirs.

GoSun Flow is a device that can boast of a regular campaign on Indiegogo, which has raised more than 2 million AMD. As already mentioned, versatility is important in crisis situations. GoSun Flow is not only a water purifier, but also a portable shower.

The device reuses the sun’s rays to power a pump that takes the polluted water and passes it to a carbon filter that removes heavy metals, chemicals and sand. A single charge of the solar power bank is enough to purify about 378 liters of water, filtering one liter of water per minute. However, this is not its only advantage. Thanks to special handles and a folding “sink”, it can be used as a shower or sink or for washing dishes.

GoSun Flow is available on the manufacturer’s website for $219, which is a little over PLN 1,000.

Solar lamp

When there is no light, there will be no light. The candles will eventually burn out and the solar lamp will illuminate the darkness until the sun magically evaporates. Although it is ultimately a camping structure, there is nothing stopping you from using it at home as well.

Source: Amazon

Mesqool’s flagship model is a 200-lumen LED lamp that can shine for up to 35 hours on a full charge. It is fully waterproof and has a built-in 3000 mAh battery, which does not fail compared to the previous design, but will be useful in case of emergency charging of the phone. A useful option for charging the flashlight in the event of insufficient sunlight is the ability to operate the trunk manually.

You can easily find the device on Amazon for around PLN 140.


Let’s hope these devices never have to go through the baptism of fire. If they do, however, they will provide essential help at critical moments. Have your own suggestions for tech gadgets that come in handy during extended power outages? Share them in the comments.

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