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Technos bets on the national development of smart watches

The Technos Group, a traditional Brazilian watchmaker with more than a century of history, has sold 150,000 smartwatches in the last two years and today has 80,000 active weekly users of these devices under the Technos and Mormaii brands. To face competition from big tech on the one hand and the gray market on the other, the company is betting on the national development of its products, conducting research with Brazilian consumers and creating a technology center with UX and UI techniques for its devices wearable. Juliana Favoreto, the group’s marketing manager, in conversation with Mobile Time.

Juliana Favoreto, from Technos: “Big technologies think about the global market. And we develop led by Brazilians”

“Big technologies think about the global market. And we develop led by Brazilians. Our development team is 100% dedicated to Brazilians,” says the executive. “At the same time, the gray market accounts for 50% of the Brazilian smartwatch market. So we found a big disappointment because these products are practically available. Brazilians don’t want to pay a lot for technology, but they also don’t want a product that doesn’t last a lifetime,” he explains.

It is in this vacuum between the high prices of high-tech smartwatches and the uncertainty of those sold on the gray market that Technos is positioned. The strategy is to offer models with an attractive cost/benefit ratio. Its newest launch is the Connecte Max, which stands out for its battery that lasts up to 10 days; for resistance up to 50 meters depth; from a list of more than 30 functionalities, including heart rate monitoring, exercise, sleep and blood oxygenation; and for the price of 999 BRL.

Battery life and water resistance were the points that Technos paid the most attention to in surveys with Brazilian consumers. “We have done numerous tests. It can withstand 50 meters and is resistant to any type of liquid: sweat, salt water, chlorinated swimming pools, etc.”, guarantees Favoreto. The rectangular design, reminiscent of the Apple Watch, was also determined based on demand from Brazilians, he informs.

Technos Connect Max (Photo: publicity)

An interesting feature of the Brazilian smartwatch consumer discovered by Technos is that only 10% are exclusive smartwatch users. Most (90%) combine a smart watch and a traditional watch in their daily life. The first is used during the weekdays, in the daily routine at home and at work, while the second is used for weekends and free time, such as parties and dinners. Because of this behavior, Technos does not believe that one segment cannibalizes the other, says the executive.

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