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Telegram has appealed the millionaire fine imposed by Moraes


Telegram has appealed the 1.2 million rial fine imposed by STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes. As we have shown, the measure was determined by the fact that the application did not comply with the order to block the channel of the elected deputy Nicolas Ferreira (PL).

The application states that the fine was “improper, irregular and disproportionate” and questions both the validity of the decision and the calculation of the amount to be paid. If the fine is not cancelled, the company requires the amount to be reduced to R$20,000 or R$50,000 depending on the formula used in the calculation.

If none of the requests are accepted by Moraes, Telegram wants the matter to be analyzed by the First Panel of the Court or the full session of the STF. In the feature, the app said that “It will continue to comply with court orders it receives and will cooperate with local authorities.”

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