Telegram without phone number. News in messenger

To register in popular messengers, you need to enter a real phone number to which the confirmation code comes. And how to register without providing? Telegram has found an interesting way to circumvent this problem.

In November of this year, Telegram introduced Blockchain support to its messenger. In addition to the main username, it is now possible to purchase and configure so-called collection names; Ownership of collectable usernames is backed by TON, a fast and scalable blockchain network. They can be bought and sold through the new Fragment platform. And it is Fragment that is responsible for providing unique “phone numbers” not tied to SIM cards, which should ensure even greater anonymity for users of the popular messenger.

Registration and access to Telegram will be done in the same way, but instead of providing a real phone number, we provide one that was purchased on the Fragment platform. After logging in, you can also get permission to log in. “Phone numbers” purchased in this way will not be useful in other places – they are associated only with Telegram and will be used only in this messenger for further access. Auctions for available numbers can be found on, where you can also buy a randomly generated number using the TON cryptocurrency.

Telegram without a real phone number. What’s new in Messenger?

And what else is the exciting update in 9.2 that just hit users? This is primarily the introduction of new options for automatic deletion of sent messages. Users can now set a global auto-delete timer to delete messages in all new chats after a predetermined time.

Telegram’s unique combination of deleting messages for all participants without a trace and monitoring existing and future chats with an automatic deletion timer gives you full control over your entire message history. Combined with the use of a SIM-free account, this provides ultimate privacy.

Telegram 9.2 is also a setup for a new feature introduced in previous updates called topics. Groups now have a default topic called General, which stores group service messages and message history until topics are joined. This topic is available to all group members so they can search for older posts, but admins can rename or hide this topic from the main menu. There are “related” topics, more readable information about unread messages and a display of the most recent.

Administrators of groups with more than 200 users can now take advantage of much more extensive anti-spam mechanisms. Aggressive mode scans and filters messages shared in groups and automatically deletes those it considers spam. Admins will be able to report false positives in the Recent Events tab.

There’s also something for iOS users that Android Telegram owners already had. On iPhone, you can now use the emoji search feature that was already available on Android, using keywords in multiple languages ​​to find the perfect emoji, including from your custom packs. And while we’re on emojis. Telegram Premium users have received 10 more special emoji packs. All Messenger users can also send a new interactive emoji, πŸ˜‡ 🫑 🀝 πŸ™ˆ πŸ€— ✍️ 😨 offering full-screen effects.

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