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Temer calls Loulani “out of a job” for talking about a coup

Reproduction/São Paulo State Government

Former President Michel Temer (MDB, photo) said Lula (PT) was “decompensated. During a debate with Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on Globo this Friday (28), PT said that Emedebista gave. “coup” to remove from power Dilma Rousseff (PT), whose deputy she was.

Temer also announced that he received it after Lula’s statement messages from co-religionists stating that they would no longer vote for PA.

“I get a lot of messages here from people who said they would vote for him and won’t vote again because of this. A lot of people from MDB message me saying this. But, poor thing, I can’t blame him. Sometimes a person is in a debate and says such things.”

After the debate, Lula was even asked about the statement against Temer, who was from the same party as Simone Tebet (MDB), third in the first round, now supporting the PT in the second.

Lula replied that Simon Tebbet received the support, not MDB or Michel Temer, and once again called the senator’s supporter a coup.

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