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Terrorism is a barbaric crime, not a political act.

Photo: Adriano Machado/The Opponent

Invaders of the Republican tri-power headquarters on Sunday January 8 their supporters cannot engage in parliament, in parliament Federal Court of Justice (STF) or in traditional communication media or the Internet as a protester. Everyone who participated 2023 barbarismUnprecedented in the history of democratic states of the world, common terrorists are the authors of general crimes against institutions and citizens. By the authority of him who judged crimes Italian mafiawhose story is revealed in the book Mafia, Poder e Antimáfia, which was awarded at this year’s Jabuti to a retired judge from São Paulo. Walter Mayerowski In his column on UOL, he wrote an article exposing the gangsters who try to hide in the very justice of democracy, who have tried and have not yet surrendered to overthrow, to declare themselves martyrs to an aggression against freedom of expression that has no reason to be. They are marginal to this law and should be treated with the right to protection but with severity so that they do not continue to spread hatred, terror and indifference.

Then and always Captain Jair Messia Bolsonaro is a type of false patron saint of this barbaric disorder. In 1986, he published an article in the weekly “Veja” complaining about the perpetually low wages of glorious nothingness. national army. Then he looked for the reporter Cassia Maria. The newspaper published the story with the names of possible followers of Netchaev. As noted in the excellent book The cadet and the captaingreat journalist Luis Maclouf de Carvalhoalthough the attack was foiled by the military authorities, the former president, who was sentenced to 30 years in the barracks, was eventually acquitted. High Military Court (STM) cleared him by eight votes of the dictatorship, accepting the argument that the expert had doubts about the authorship of the sketches of the attacks, although another report confirmed it. The surreal verdict of military justice allowed him to pursue a political career for 30 years as a councilor for the municipality and state of Rio and a federal deputy. He rose to the presidency of the republic, where he spent four years, a period during which he traded condemnation of low pay for false propaganda of vote counting fraud in democratic elections with electronic ballot boxes.

Two days before the opening of the winning ticket of the PT-PSD alliance, fled to Florida to avoid his possible consequences in the attack on law and order carried out by right-wing extremists who are fascinated by his speech and his harsh decisions, called “Bolsonarians”. By then he had missed his job Planalto Palace for a period considered more than sufficient to be included in the crime of desertion by the military command, according to the repeated testimony of a former supporter of his government; General Santos Cruz. Who also remembered the definition of a refusal to serve in a private job by justifying the dismissal with a just cause?

Still beyond the reach of the law, in company with his former justice minister, Anderson Torresobserves such actions as he was unable to carry out with his partner Fabio Passos during the barbaric, satological and unjustified invasion. Planalto Palacein: National Congress and headquarters stf. Because of the Democrats’ lack of attitude when using the entry permit to enter the US Joe Biden and under the initiative of Itamarati, under the new administration, there is a risk that a mafia attack like the 8 will have a positive result, since its failure has not yet led to a heavy penalty for its financiers, participants and promoters. their misdeeds seen by his followers as a heroic display of freedom. At least, on his side, Torres, who has already been sentenced to prison by nine of the eleven judges of the STF, still benefits from the president’s extremely cautious attitude. Lula and his ministers Jose Musio Monteiroprotection, and Flavio Dino, Justice and Public Safety. Not to mention the undisciplined omission of General Gonçalves Diaz, the commander of the army forces responsible for protecting those belonging to the republican high power, who only has a repetition of his last name for a romantic poet.

Still weak, though enough to defeat the coup itself, was the reaction of the elected government, which concluded and sworn in TSE:Fortunately under the strong and courageous command of the Minister of Defense Alexander de Moraes, leaves disturbing impressions in the air. Florida’s delay in prosecuting fugitives empowers those advocating for “no amnesty” for them to legalize the dual responsibility for the failed declaration. THE: Federal police In the aftermath of the coup, he found the draft, drawn up in Portuguese and in legal form, incomplete and flabbergasted. His pig style, not blaming the pigs in their madness, which was used in the destruction of the headquarters of the republic, should not convince us that everything is nothing more than the adventure of hallucinated, dirty and evil terrorists. The document is part of a tradition of shredding state apparatus, notoriously practiced in key ministries such as the Ministries of Health and Education, which can be investigated with minimal operational capacity to reach the authors through more qualitative graphic inspections. than those employed by STM at the end of the last century.

The riffraff that turned the republic into a stinking, miasma-infested piggery must be punished. Everything should, at least, be fixed with the competence and courage of Osvaldo Cruz and The transformation of Lula da Silva into the new Pereira Passos and in the revived Rodríguez Alves. Anyone who knows how to read in this government should immediately know the fine biography of the former president of São Paulo, written by the genius of the miner Afonso Arinos de Mello Franco. I read it as a teenager and find it a valid account of good public administration and the literate and republican use of public policy by the people, for the people and with the people.

*Journalist, poet and writer

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