Tesla: Car catches fire after Autopilot crashes into barriers

Tesla’s autopilot decided to turn right into the barrier. And then, as if nothing had happened, the car burst into flames.

What do you associate with Tesla besides Elon Musk and the rights violations of electric car factory workers? Of course with fires. Burning Teslas is basically a meme used by EV detractors without scruple. But it is not surprising, because Musk’s premium cars themselves provide reasons for insults.

Tesla in a nutshell – first it made a wrong turn and then it caught fire

Imagine that you are driving your Tesla Model X calmly on the highway and you see another Tesla that, despite turning right, turns left directly into the guardrail. At that point I would seriously question whether she really wanted to be in a driven vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not a fictional story, but a real event witnessed by a certain Josh Kaplan.

Source: Josh Kaplan

The crashed Tesla first sparked and smoked, then burst into flames. The man stopped the vehicle and called 911. The driver of the other vehicle was fortunately uninjured, but relayed a disturbing story about the Tesla’s Autopilot. Well, for unknown reasons, the car suddenly turned left, where the turn from the highway led to the right. The accident victim reported that the Tesla was on autopilot and there was no indication of a malfunction, yet the car slipped out from under the system console.

Extinguishing an electrician is not so easy

In an interview with Insider, Kaplan said that his car – bought four months earlier – is also not without defects. Recently he completely ignored a traffic bollard and a car on autopilot ran over him as if nothing had happened. This is not surprising – Tesla has a problem with recognizing small objects and the posture of a small child, which I wrote about in more detail in this publication.

Kaplan also added that the user interface often shows a blank screen and the system does not want to update. The man jokes that Tesla should advertise driving on Autopilot as the scariest driving experience you can have. Of course, these comments are a bit exaggerated, but the fact is that Tesla has had a lot of problems with fires and faulty controls recently.

Source: Depositphotos

Electrical fires are a problematic matter, requiring special behavior by firefighters. Tesla uses lithium-ion batteries, and the failure of one cell raises the temperature in neighboring cells. Firefighters undergo training in extinguishing electric cars using fire extinguisher powder, but the procedure itself is not simple. Sometimes a stone or the remains of another car on the road is enough to ignite a Tesla as a match. And once a fire starts, the rescue operation can take up to two days.

Vehicles from Elon Musk’s factories using Autopilot have been involved in 273 accidents over the past year, according to the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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