Tesla commented on the price reduction of its cars. That’s why it’s cheaper

A significant reduction in the prices of the Tesla Model Y and 3 could cause increased interest from potential buyers in Poland and Europe. Musk’s company commented on the price changes – what is the reason for such a move?

Tesla cheaper by tens of thousands of zlotys

So far, only two models have been discounted – Y and 3. The biggest change affected the Y Long Range model, which is the price is now lower by as much as HRK 55,000. zloty. Overall, prices fell by 7 to 18%. Thus, electric cars have become significantly more competitive with internal combustion engines in the same segment.

But what was the reason for such a big reduction in Tesla’s prices? The company’s German spokesperson spoke about it, and Deutsche Bank also commented on the matter.

Tesla’s price reduction is the result of good company management

In an interview with Reuters, a spokesperson for Tesla Germany talked about price reductions for selected Tesla models. “At the end of a turbulent year with supply chain disruptions, we have achieved a partial normalization of cost inflation, which gives us confidence that we can pass that relief on to our customers“.

Contrary to the fears of many other manufacturers from the automotive sector, who talk about the shortage of semiconductors and batteries – Tesla is doing very well on the market. Last year’s unstable market situation proved to be the driving force for manufacturers to act and ensure efficient production combined with an uninterrupted supply chain.

Deutsche Bank is also talking about lower prices for Tesla

Representatives of Deutsche Bank note in Tesla’s move an offensive game in the automobile market, which “it will ensure an increase in sales and put traditional (combustion) and electric competitors in a very difficult situationThe decision made by Tesla shows other manufacturers that the American company has a great advantage in cost optimization.

It’s hard to disagree with Deutsche Bank’s opinion. Tesla currently has almost no electric competition in the D-SUV segment (at a similar price). The situation is similar in the context of internal combustion engine competition. Here, premium segment cars priced at around PLN 230,000 (Tesla Model Y RWD starts at PLN 229,990) can only offer basic configurations.

An additional advantage of Tesla is that it can be purchased with the co-financing of the “My Electrician” program, which allows you to reduce the purchase by up to PLN 27,000.

Source: Reuters, Investing

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