Tesla Model 2 could be a big hit and a real breakthrough

Tesla Model 2, if this is the name of Elon Musk’s new electrician, could be a real hit in sales. It will be built on a new platform, and one of its main advantages is the low price.

The price must be really attractive

Currently, the cheapest electric in the Tesla range is the Model 3. Yes, its prices have gone up recently, unfortunately like other electric cars, but it can still be called a good price (for an electrician). In Poland you have to pay PLN 249,990. Yes, it’s a lot, but it’s hard to find an internal combustion car that offers similar performance and technology at this price.

I’ll say it again – the Tesla Model 3 is well priced, but we’re talking about a premium brand price list here. In the end, about 250 thousand. PLN is an amount that is definitely not within the means of many people who plan to buy a new car. So you can’t say that the Model 3 is a car for the masses.

The car that should attract a much larger group of potential customers has to be the Tesla Model 2. It’s worth adding here that the name hasn’t been confirmed yet, so it might end up being different, but for now let’s stick with it.

Model 3 (photo from manufacturer)

Tesla Model 2 will be the cheapest car in the offer of the American manufacturer of electrical engineering. Elon Musk, when presenting Tesla’s latest quarterly results, said the goal is to reach half the cost of producing the Model 3. Some say the price will be under $30,000. dollar. By comparison, the Model 3 in the US starts at $46,990. Therefore, it can be optimistically assumed that the Model 2 in Poland can be estimated at about 150-160 thousand. zlotys.

This will be the most popular model available

Tesla Model 2 will be not only the cheapest electric car, but also the most bought, or at least that’s what Elon Musk predicts. According to a rather bold claim, the Model 2 is expected to outsell all other models combined.

We’ve learned that the Tesla Model 2 will be the smallest in the lineup, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. However, on board there will be many technologies and solutions familiar from older and bigger brothers, although everything will be based on a new platform.

It is possible that the Tesla Model 2 will be the electrician that will electrify the automotive industry and have a significant impact on the entire market. However, it’s hard to say when the cheapest Tesla will debut. It is currently under development.

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