That’s how Azija Opozda lives. See how the young mother arranged the apartment. Take a peek inside Joanna Opozda’s house

Joanna Opozda, after a short marriage and a difficult separation from Antek Królikowski, is trying to put her life back together. Look where Vicenta’s young mother lives now. Take a look at the modern Asia Opozda apartment. This is how a celebrity dressed up in Warsaw.


Asia Opozda lives in the center of Warsaw. In a comfortable apartment in Wola, he spends every free moment with his son Vincent and his cute dog Marlin. Spacious Apartment of Joanna Opozda is located in a five-story residential building, which is located in a modern and guarded residential area near the metro station. The property includes a space in the underground garage, where the popular star can comfortably park his car.

The actress has at her disposal a spacious terrace with a glass balustrade. On top of it, she placed a comfortable swing on a frame with an openwork cocoon seat and a set of garden furniture in graphite color. There was also a bed for your beloved dog on the terrace.

Be sure to take a look at our gallery and see what the interiors of the modern Asia Opozda apartment in the center of Warsaw look like:

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Apartment of Joanna Opozda it is decorated in a modern style. Bright, off-white walls and a warm-colored wooden floor are the perfect background for a pleasant interior design. In the celebrity’s house, there is a lot of modern furniture and designer accessories, but also a lot of free space, thanks to which we do not have the impression of excess things.

In Joanne Opozda’s apartment, we will find many accents that perfectly match current trends, including:

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