That’s right, Pixel Watch 20mm Band adapters are pretty easy to find.

When the Pixel Watch launched, it’s no surprise that finding third-party wristbands was a bit difficult. In the first few weeks, more and more of them appeared and now there are Pixel Watch bands all over the internet at all kinds of prices. While we’re all glad that’s the case, I’ve long wanted a simple wristband adapter for the Pixel Watch that would easily allow you to use standard watchbands with Google wearables.

We experimented with this setup early on using one of Google’s own leather straps. We removed the wristband adapter from that wristband and could easily use it with some other standard wristbands we had around the office. While this worked well, most people weren’t keen on the idea of ​​buying a relatively expensive leather strap from Google just to get strap adapters.

Pixel Watch strap adapters have arrived

Finally, we see sellers online with all kinds of colors of wristband adapters available for purchase without forcing you to buy a wristband attached to them. The adapters are very affordable, they will be easy to use and they all look like the same adapter sold in different stores on the web. Most of them are on Amazon, but we are seeing listings on Ebay and hopefully Etsy will shed light on some of them soon.

So if you want to attach your favorite 20mm watch band to your Pixel Watch, now you’re in luck! With multiple colors to choose from and a wide variety of places to buy, there’s no reason not to pick up a set this time. This sub-$15 purchase unlocks a wide array of new watch band options for the Pixel Watch, and even for a non-watch person like myself, this looks fantastic. We’ve left a link to the Chrome Shop below, where we’ll add more stores where you can buy adapters as we find them.

VIA: Life of a Droid

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