The 10 Best External SSDs You Can Buy

SSDs or SSDs are the fastest forms of storage available. These drives provide faster read/write speeds for an overall increase in system performance. As the technology is becoming more and more popular today, many manufacturers have started to adopt it. While internal SSDs may not be something that everyone can jump to, you can always buy an external SSD. Now, with so many options to choose from, which one should you choose? Well, don’t worry because we bring you a list of the 10 best external SSDs you can buy:

1. Angelbird SSD2go

First on our list is SSD2go from Angelbird. Angelbird SSD2go is equipped with USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps) connectors, while also being compatible with USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 3. There are different memory size options: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and up to 2TB, and the Angelbird SSD2go offers super-fast read speeds up to 560MB/s and write speeds up to 460MB/s. Protection is something the company takes seriously, and this external SSD comes with it protection against ESD and overload, while resistant to shock, dust, water splashes and temperature.

Shop on Amazon: ($629, 1TB)

2. Adata SE730 Rugged External Solid State Drive

Ideally, if you want a small drive with a large capacity, you have to sacrifice performance, but not the SE730. Adata SE730, despite its small size, it offers very high speeds and is equipped with a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port, so it can take advantage of the high bandwidth of 10 GB/s. The external SSD is even resistant to water and dust IP68 certified and MIL-STD-810G 516.6 shock resistant. Even the Adata SE730’s design is unique, packed with plenty of square-shaped SSD storage.

Shop on Amazon: ($369, 1TB)

3. Samsung T5 portable USB 3.1 external SSD

Samsung has earned a reputation as the best in the industry when it comes to storage, and the T5 is the true personification of that. The T5 isn’t cheap, but it delivers the critical performance that comes with portable SSDs. Thanks to its expertise in the field of NAND, Samsung was able to create one of the fastest external SSDs in the world beautiful metal, smoothly curved sides and definitely smaller than the typical 2.5″ case. The device is USB Type-C, and the cables allow you to connect it to either a Type-C port or a conventional USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A port. All this offers read/write speeds of up to 540MB/s.

Shop on Amazon: ($349.99, 1TB)

4. Portable SSD SanDisk Extreme 900

Despite its small size compared to other SSDs, the SanDisk Extreme 900 is one of the most secure external SSDs you can buy on the market today. It is also one of the fastest on the market extremely high speed of 850MB/s . Designed with With a tough rubber bumper for added durability, the SanDisk Extreme 900 SSD is shock and vibration resistant. What’s more, the SanDisk SSD comes with SanDisk’s SecureAccess software, which allows you to encrypt or password protect data on the SSD with 128-bit AES protection.

Shop on Amazon: (424, 960 GB )

5. Transcend ESD400K external USB 3.0 SSD

The Transcend ESD400K is a portable drive that’s been around for a while, but it still performs well compared to the competition. The portable drive uses NAND flash memory, which makes it light and easy to carry. The ESD400K has a very useful physical button that can be used to create backups with one click. This works with the Transcend Elite Data Management software suite which allows you to customize what you back up. Despite being only 56g, the SSD uses a USB 3.0 port and offers read speed up to 410MB/s and write speed up to 380MB/s.

Shop on Amazon: ($499.99, 1TB)

6. LaCie Bolt3 Professional SSD

Built for world-class graphics and video production, the LaCie Bolt3 kit is an external SSD with pure performance. Yes, it’s very expensive, but it offers incredibly fast read speeds of 2800MB/s and write speeds of 2200MB/s. The device comes with a magnetic stand and uses a dual USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port. can be connected to USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 displays and accessories. Despite its high performance, the SSD is very quiet and can also be used to charge your laptop.

Shop on Amazon: (1999.2 TB)

7. ioSafe rugged portable SSD

The idea behind a solid, portable SSD is to ensure maximum data security without limiting transfer speeds. That’s where the ioSafe Rugged Portable Secure SSD comes in. Yes, it is a little heavy and heavy, it makes up for it highly resistant to crushing, immersion, impact, environment, height and chemicals. Along with the included backup and encryption software, the SSD also offers one-year data recovery service protection. In addition, the device uses a USB 3.0 SS port to ensure maximum compatibility and high data transfer speeds.

Shop on Amazon: ($1112, 1TB)

8. Oyen Digital MiniPro 3.1 USB-C Portable SSD

One of the most powerful external SSDs out there, the Oyen Digital MiniPro 3.1 USB-C Portable Solid State Drive may not have many extras, but it offers fast transfers, large capacity, and a solid metal case at an almost unbeatable price. The device uses a USB-C port and is also compatible with Thunderbolt 3. MiniPro can reach speeds of more than 500MB/sand the construction has aluminum housing designed for maximum protection and efficient heat dissipation.

Shop on Amazon: ($329, 1TB)

9. Pioneer APS-XS02 USB-C Portable SSD

Available only in 120GB and 240GB sizes, the Pioneer APS-XS02 is one of the cheapest yet high-quality external SSDs you can buy. The external SSD offers the use of an ultra-fast USB 3.1 Gen2 interface fast data transfer at a speed of up to 480 MB/s. As for the design, Not only is it impact resistant and lightweight, but it’s made with two finishes for a beautiful look. In fact, every face and edge is purposely crafted to fit the curve of your hands. If you don’t like the T5, the Pioneer APS-XS02 will definitely get your attention.

Shop on Amazon: ($98.99, 240GB)

10. Freecom Tablet Mini SSD

If you’re particularly interested in a portable drive that can connect to your phone or tablet to provide additional storage or serve as a backup for your photos and videos, the Freecom is a decent choice. It’s not stylish or the cheapest, but it works well and is handy with built-in USB cables. The device has one 128GB optionwhich is understandable given that she is mainly designed to connect to the microUSB port of an Android or Windows tablet to transfer data between the tablet and another device. The device weighs only 60 g and is super portable, but offers speeds of up to 410 MB/s.

Shop on Amazon: (128, 128 GB)

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The 10 Best External SSDs You Can Buy

That’s all from our side. The list above was compiled by many members of the team who got together and decided on the best choices. Thanks to the advanced storage options of solid state drives, you can move your data to a portable storage format at a very high speed. Do any of the mentioned external SSDs catch your eye? Do you have any other suggestions for us? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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