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The 15 best Netflix movies of 2022 that are worth every second of your time

Jojo Wilden / Netflix

The Internet has always been seen as an area of ​​opportunity but also of great risk by entertainment entrepreneurs, because while it has the power to distribute, advertise and sell their products and brands very quickly, it can also facilitate unauthorized reproduction. ., make file security vulnerable (as in the case of leaked movies and songs) and also transform overnight, making adaptation a big challenge. With the pandemic and the rise of streaming services, making a profit from a movie release requires intelligence and planning. Netflix teaches us how to do this because it is a pioneer and a visionary. This list contains the company’s best products of the year. Highlights “Nothing New at the Front”, 2022, Edward Berger; “Four Generations”, 2022, Berkun Oya; and “Mães Paralelas”, from 2022, by Pedro Almodovar. Titles are organized by their IMDb scores.

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