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The 18 bosses are so good they look fake/unbelievable

We spend about a third of our lives at work. However, some people have been lucky enough to have bosses who are like best friends to them, which makes the environment much lighter and makes them want to go to work every day. Below we break down for you reports from internet users who just wanted a job but got it as a gift from a friend. Check it out!

1. “At least my boss knows how to keep us happy”

“So don’t all separate.”

2. When the bosses support our growth

3. “My boss brought this to me. They were looking at their kids’ old toys and thought I’d like these little guys.”

4. When the boss understands us

5. “After I told my boss I lost my wireless headphones, he and his husband bought me new ones”

6. That moment when the boss is almost an angel on earth

7. “My boss knows I really like Lego, so he gave me this for my birthday”

8. When the boss understands that family is also important

9. “My new boss gave me the keys to his apartment so I could have a place to stay”

“To understand, I had to quit my job suddenly because I was going through a terrible depressive episode. My mom lives in my apartment and I never told her I was quitting so I’ve been going out and pretending to go to work with nowhere to go. I talked to my boss for the last two days (he just started), I was reinstated and he gave me the keys to his apartment so I have somewhere to go. I tried to say no, but he said he would be hurt if I said no.”

10. Lucky to have a boss who appreciates you

11. “When you’re having a terrible day and your boss leaves this on your desk”

We had 47 applicants for the open position. We choose you. Boy am I happy!
Thanks for everything, Scott.
Happy weekend”.

12. I made a friend for life

13. “I worked for many years in a company that started its operations in the 70s. There were only a few of us left, but the boss is still buying donuts. I’m grateful and I’m going to stay until the end.”

14. The only warm is in the heart

15. “My new boss loves my digital art so much that he wants to decorate his whole office with it. Here’s the first one!”

16. A boss who values ​​his employees

17. “I didn’t go to Thanksgiving with my family this year, so my boss made me a plate and said I’m part of his family”

18. When the boss understands our limitations

Bonus: “I bought 80 mini ducks 🐥 to make fun of my boss. Here’s #1 on his car’s rear camera.

And you, have you ever had the opportunity to have a boss so good that he seemed to be your best friend? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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