The 2022 income statement will have big changes for the self-employed

The new year 203 will be accompanied by changes in Income statement corresponds to the financial year 2022 and, as it cannot be otherwise, will also fully affect the just busy. One of the groups that should pay the most attention to these changes for the next campaign Tax agencyand are self-employed workers, who will be able to enjoy a an additional income tax reduction of five percentage points in the net yield of the modulewhich will mean a saving of €68 million for around 577,688 self-employed people, as explained on the Spanish government’s website.

The tax reforms presented a few weeks ago by the Minister of Finance and Public Functions, María Jesús Montero, reveal that 2022 will be the most innovative profit and loss account in recent years. Among the planned changes is change in income tax rateslimits on contributions to social security systems, new taxes on great wealth, or tax incentives included in the Emerging Companies Act, known as the Startup Act. Added to this is a monthly allowance of 100 euros for each three-year-old child, which from 2023 extends to all mothers, whether they are working or unemployed. And a reduction for income from work on gross wages from 15,000 to 21,000 euros, for which taxpayers whose gross income does not exceed 15,000 euros will not be required to submit a profit and loss statement for 2022.

Although the AEAT has not yet indicated when the deadline for production is The 2022 profit and loss account, based on previous years, should start in the first week of April and end at the end of June. The self-employed will have to present a draft declaration with fiscal data, DNI, spouse’s authorization – if working jointly – and a lease agreement or cadastral data on the house. For that, They have three ways: online, by phone or face to face..

Additional income tax reduction for independent businesses

In order to alleviate the situation of self-employed professionals, a group that the Spanish government classifies as “priority”, the law of General state budgets for 2023 considers an additional 5% income tax reduction in the module’s net yield. In this way, it is estimated, 577,688 self-employed could save HRK 68 million.

In addition, Montero announced that the current exclusion restrictions in the module system will be extended for another year. This brings with it a saving of HRK 124 million and implies that more taxpayers will be able to continue paying taxes through this system.

Automatic 5% reduction for those taxed under direct assessment

The 2023 income statement looks at important developments for the self-employed. Reduction of income tax by five percentage points for those who are in an objective assessment 2% increase in the deduction for hardly justified expenses, from 5 to 7%.

Currently, an automatic reduction of 5% of net income, with a maximum annual amount of EUR 2,000, is applied for self-employed workers who are taxed by simplified direct assessment. This includes the hardly justified so-called deductible expenses, whose reduction percentage will increase to 7% in the next General State Budget, which will reduce the tax bill by 116 million euros for almost a million self-employed people.

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