The 2022 Recap on Steam is now available

The end of the year isn’t just a time for company balance sheets and income statements. Also, each of us would like to be able to cost-effectively account for how much time we’ve spent on what over the past 12 months. Luckily, virtual platforms are increasingly offering relevant statistics pages.

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Can you quickly tell how many hours you’ve spent playing video games this year? Which titles were your favorites or how many achievements have you earned in the last (almost) 365 days? Collecting and processing such data ourselves is a tedious job that we prefer to let someone else do for us. So a nice solution is a ready-made summary, eg one developed by PlayStation. We’re just a few clicks away from the 2022 gaming roundup to show our friends. Valve also decided to share a similar page with us.

He admits that this year, looking at my friends’ Steam recaps, I’m not overly proud of my “gamer profile”. (Bartosz Kaja /

By visiting a dedicated page via a web browser or within Steam, we can learn about our PC gamer profile over the past 12 months. Of course, not everyone spends 100% of their time on this digital distribution platform, but it’s safe to assume that Valve’s platform is the main source of entertainment for most PC gamers.

Lots of data to analyze

Thanks to the summary of 2022 on Steam, we not only learn which games we have played the most and how much of our time on the platform we have dedicated to them. You will also find out how many achievements you have unlocked this year or how many games you have played and were older than 8 years. There are also bar charts on the page showing the total playing time of the most played tracks from your library.

Summary of the year 2022 Steam screenshot
Pattern width graphic ideal for Facebook or Instagram.

And if you think your summary is cool enough, you can use the share option. In addition to the possibility of sending an attachment to friends, we can download a suitably tailored graphic and publish it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, for example. Unlike PlayStation, we don’t get an avatar for checking results for 2022 – too bad.

Considering that as a longtime PeCet player I had a more interesting recap on the PlayStation platform this year, I’ll be bringing my findings to Steam this year.

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