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The 29 Best Alien Movies Streaming [Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video e +]

If you are looking for a list of best alien movies and/or science fiction, but you don’t know which one to choose from the various options available on streaming services, we show here some movies and which platforms they are currently on.

See the full list below with relevant streaming platforms.

  • The war of tomorrow

    Platform: Amazon Prime Video

    In The War of Tomorrow, the world collapses when a group of time travelers arrives from 2051 to deliver an urgent message.

    Thirty years in the future, humanity is losing a global war against a deadly alien species. Streaming has many extraterrestrial movie options.

  • Ignored

    Platform: Amazon Prime Video and StarPlus

    In 2077, Jack Harper is responsible for maintaining security equipment on an unknown planet Earth, which has been destroyed by an alien race.


    One of the extraterrestrial film franchises (Image: Just Watch)

    Platform: Amazon Prime Video and Globoplay

    Jarrod and Elaine travel to Southern California to visit their friend Terry. What was supposed to be a fun outing turns into a weekend of horror. At night, strange light signals herald an invasion of giant aliens who attack terrified humans.

  • Star Trek (all movies)

    platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max and Globoplay

    Aboard the USS Enterprise, the most sophisticated ship ever built, a rookie crew embarks on its maiden voyage, thwarted by Nero, a commander whose revenge threatens all of humanity.

  • planet 51

    Animation also enters the list of extraterrestrial films (Image: Image Films)
    Animation also enters the list of extraterrestrial films (Image: Image Films)

    platforms: Amazon Prime Video

    Astronaut Chuck Baker lands on Planet 51 believing he is the first life form to set foot there.

    To his surprise, he discovers that the planet is inhabited by small green creatures who live in a sort of laid-back version of 1950s America and are in absolute fear of an alien invasion.

  • transformers inspected (all movies)

    platforms: Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Star Plus, Netflix and Globoplay

    The fate of humanity hangs in the balance when two races of robots, the villainous Autobots and Decepticons, arrive on Earth. Yes, Transformers can be considered alien movies.

  • Battle for TERA

    platforms: Amazon Prime Video

    After depleting Earth’s resources, the last survivors of humanity plan to invade the planet where teenage Maia lives, threatening the survival of her people. But she’s willing to do anything to stop that from happening.

  • World War

    platforms: Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max

    Ray Ferrier is a divorced man, estranged from his children, who live with their mother. When his ex-wife leaves the children for him to look after for a few days, the planet is attacked by aliens who emerge from the earth carrying tripods and destroy everything in their path.

  • ET – The Extraterrestrial – Available on Prime Video, Star Plus and Globoplay

    The classic of extraterrestrial films could not be missed
    The extraterrestrial classic could not be missed (Image: Adorocinema)

    Boy Elliott befriends a harmless little alien who is far away from his planet. He decides to keep the adorable creature under wraps and at home after introducing him to the brothers.

  • invasion 2

    platforms: Netflix

    Three years after the first contact with aliens on Earth, humanity will face a new encounter. A young girl who was rescued through extraterrestrial technology develops new abilities.

  • End of the world

    platforms: Netflix

    The premise is simple: four teenagers meet at a summer camp and there they begin to literally see things from another world.

    Soon after, everything they know comes under attack and the scenario that is created is post-apocalyptic, with destroyed cities and breathtaking scenes. One of the alien movies with a touch of Stranger Things

  • Alien War

    A popular alien movie option
    A popular alien movie option (Image: My Cinema)

    platforms: Netflix

    A special forces team faces a secret mission at a research facility where scientists have mysteriously disappeared and another life form awaits them.

  • disappearance

    platforms: Netflix

    Constantly dreaming of losing his family, Peter (Michael Peña) sees his nightmares come true when the planet is invaded by a brutal and destructive force.

    He fights for his life and to protect his family, discovering within himself an unknown strength capable of keeping everyone he loves safe.

  • Beyond the horizon

    platforms: Netflix and Pluto TV

    The population of Earth is again terrorized by alien ships that emit blue lights and absorb people. Officer Mark begins a ruthless war against these enemies when his son is captured.

  • On the edge of tomorrow

    platforms: Netflix

    In a fight against aliens, William Cage discovers that he has the uncanny ability to go back in time, getting stuck in an eternal cycle. He trains to use his new abilities to defeat the invaders and end the war.

  • Paul: Fugitive Alien

    platforms: Netflix

    Two British friends visit the mysterious Area 51, where they meet Paul, an alien who has been living in a secret military base in the United States for the past 60 years.

    This playful alien becomes the duo’s new companion, who will do anything to help his space partner get back to his spaceship. Alien movies can also have comedy.

  • Star Trek – Beyond Darkness

    platforms: Netflix, Prime Video and HBO Max

    The crew of the Enterprise discover a terrorist force within their organization. Captain Kirk defies Starfleet rules and leads a mission to capture a weapon of mass destruction.

  • Arrival

    platforms: Globoplay and StarPlus

    Alien ships have arrived in major cities around the world. To communicate with the visitors, a linguist and a soldier are called in to decipher the visitors’ strange messages. One of the extraterrestrial films that competed for many awards.

  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    platforms: HBO Max

    Valerian is a time- and space-traveling agent who fights alongside his passionate partner Laureline in defense of Earth and its allied planets, constantly under attack from intergalactic bandits.

  • The fate of Jupiter

    platforms: HBO Max

    Jupiter Jones is the descendant of a lineage that positions her as the next resident queen of the universe. Not knowing this, she continues her life cleaning houses.

    One day, she receives a visit from Caine, a genetically altered ex-soldier whose mission is to protect her at all costs and lead her to her rightful place.

  • super 8

    platforms: HBO Max

    In the summer of 1979 in Ohio, a group of young people witness a catastrophic collision involving a freight train and a pickup truck. They record everything with a Super-8 camera that they were trying to make a movie with.


    platforms: HBO Max

    Ever since she was a little girl, Ellie Arroway has always looked for signs of other life in the universe, putting aside her private life and even the love of theologian Palmer Joss.

  • Mars Attacks!

    platforms: HBO Max

    Spaceships from Mars surround the world’s major cities, and all of humanity waits to see if extraterrestrial visitors have arrived on a peacekeeping mission. The President of the United States, James Dale, receives assurances from Professor Donald Kessler that the Mars mission is friendly.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    platforms: HBO Max

    An imposing black structure provides a link between the past and the future in this enigmatic adaptation of a revered sci-fi tale by author Arthur C. Clarke. Reference and even considered a work of art in extraterrestrial films.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    platforms: Disney+

    Space adventurer Peter Quill falls prey to bounty hunters after he steals the orb from a treacherous villain, Ronan. To escape the danger, he forms an alliance with a group of four extraterrestrials. The Marvel Universe also has extraterrestrial movies, and lots of them.

  • John Carter

    platforms: Disney+

    When Civil War veteran John Carter mysteriously wakes up on the surface of Mars, he has no idea what adventure awaits him. He ends up getting involved in an epic conflict between the inhabitants of the planet and the fate of everyone is in his hands.

  • Mars needs a mother

    platforms: Disney+

    Milo is a nine-year-old boy with a busy schedule. He should watch monster movies, read comic books and do other fun things. He certainly doesn’t have time to do homework or eat vegetables.

  • avatar

    platforms: Disney+

    In the lush alien world of Pandora live the Na’vi, beings who appear to be primitive but are highly evolved. Since the planet’s environment is toxic, avatars were created, biological bodies controlled by the human mind that move freely on Pandora.

  • The Star Wars franchise

    platforms: Disney+

    Princess Leia is held hostage by Imperial forces commanded by Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker and Captain Han Solo must free him and restore freedom and justice to the galaxy.

  • Now tell us, of all the extraterrestrial movies, which one did you like the most? Which ones do you want to see? Tell us in the comments below.

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