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The 7 best series released by Netflix in 2023

Lucia Yuorio / Netflix

The first stories were told in serials. Investigative narratives, in which the audience accompanied the detective investigating the case, were first recorded back in France. Later, still in the early 20th century, this model of part-by-part narration was broadcast on the radio. On television, it is said that England was the first to create a TV series in 1946. The show, titled “Pinwright’s Progress,” followed the daily lives of the store manager and employees. But the format even gained popularity in the United States, which began to export the type of entertainment around the world. “I Love Lucy” was the first big hit on television. Now the series is a real world fever and makes fortunes for the film industry, has very high costs and dictates who are the most important figures in Hollywood, fashion, lifestyle and much more. If you’re a series addict, catch up on the best releases of the year so far on Netflix. Highlights of “The Legend of Shahmaran”, from 2023, by Umur Turagai and Bertan Basaran; “The Laws of Lydia the Poet”, from 2023, by Guido Yuculano and Davide Orsini; and “Kaleidoscope,” from 2023, by Eric Garcia. Titles are arranged in alphabetical order and do not conform to classification criteria.

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