The action against Bolsonaro in the TSE is entering its final phase

Moving on from the PDT, the most advanced process that could make a former president inadmissible, parties will have two days to file charges;

The Supreme Electoral Court concluded this Friday, the 31st, the evidence-gathering phase in a lawsuit accusing former President Jair Bolsonaro of abuse of power and abuse of the media for calling a meeting with foreign ambassadors in July 2022 to spread unfounded suspicions. electronic ballot box and an attack on the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

If Bolsonaro is found guilty, he could be deprived of his political rights for eight years and be excluded from elections during that period. Driven by the PDT, this is the most advanced process that can make a former president ineligible. After the end of the recommendation phase, the parties will have two days to present their closing arguments. The full judgment of the case should be made after the final conclusion of the Electoral Prosecutor’s Office, but the starting date has not yet been specified.

Attached to this operation is a draft coup d’état seized by the Federal Police from the home of former Justice Minister Anderson Torres as part of an investigation into extremism at the Three Powers headquarters on January 8. Also included were inquiries at the Federal Supreme Court about Bolsonaro’s attacks on the electoral system.

Former Foreign Minister Carlos Alberto Franca, former Chief of Staff Ciro Nogueira Lima Filho, Anderson Torres and former Special Secretary for Strategic Affairs Flavio Augusto Viana Rocha are among defense witnesses heard during the evidence-taking phase.

One of the witnesses presented by the defense, Eduardo Gómez da Silva, colonel of the army reserve artillery, was not heard. Billed as an “intelligence analyst” by Bolsonaro, he was a key player in the live broadcast, where the former president also attacked electronic voting machines.

In a letter announcing the end of the investigation, Electoral Justice Inspector General and case reporter Benedito Gonçalves argued that “the documents attached by the defendants relating to the events of the hearing do not dispute the new view; counterparty and PGE as they may be subject to examination in the final submissions and conclusion.”

Bolsonaro is already the target of other actions due to the former president’s “electoral use of public goods and privileges.” The same meeting with ambassadors, where Bolsonaro presented false information about electronic voting machines, even condemned the former president’s campaign for early election campaigning in September 2022. The TSE also ordered the broadcast to be taken down.


At the time, Bolsonaro told 70 graduates of the Palacio do Alvorada that the TSE would admit to the federal police that hackers could change the names of candidates, take votes from one candidate and transfer them to others. He also said there are dozens of videos showing that in the 2018 election, “a voter pressed 7, 3 came up and went to another candidate,” and that digital voting and paperless voting are being used. is only in two countries. to the world except Brazil. Estadão Verify classified the claims as unstable or false.

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