The App Store will introduce new tariffs. Will it be more expensive?

Apple has announced that it will carry out price updates in the App Store. While that sounds like a milder term for getting more expensive, it’s not as obvious in this case. Will we feel the changes? The answer is: It depends.

App Store Changes

Apple announced price increases for applications in its store in December last year. Back then we saw increases of 20%.

Currently in the App Store there are 90 price thresholds from which application developers can choose their price, e.g. – PLN 17.99 (PLN 14.99 before the increase).

However, these changes were limited to subscription-based apps. Then the Cupertino giant announced that they will be expanded to other uses and purchases in 2023.

Current app store rates in Poland (Source: Apple)

Now Apple has announced that the change will apply to both in-app purchases and one-time in-app purchases. The App Store will now offer over 900 price levels, with the top 100 bids only being available on request. Tiered pricing at the Apple Store starts at $0.29 and ends at $9,999.99.

As you can clearly see, the number of price breaks has increased tenfold. This means that developers of applications intended for Apple devices can now choose both lower and higher tariffs. That’s why “it matters” if iOS users get their bags. Some apps will increase in price, others will cost less, and still others will not change in price at all.

What’s new for Apple?

In its announcement, Apple announced that it would launch global pricing tools on May 9, 2023. Thanks to them, the prices of apps and one-time in-app purchases are updated on all 175 app store sites.

The company announces that “updated prices are adjusted to your selected base country or region based on publicly available exchange rate information.”

The new price levels are also intended to match the most common prices in each country or region, making them more relevant to customers. This can lead to prices known from the store shelves, e.g. B. 9.99 PLN appear again in the App Store.

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