The artist recreated Monet’s lily ponds with Lego bricks. Show!

Lego block art! The artist has made an incredible reproduction of the famous lilies of the impressionist artist Claude Monet in the symbolic; water lilies (1914–1926), from lego blocks. He used more than 650,000 to create the nearly 50-foot-wide artwork. It is meticulous work, done with care and a lot of patience.

The work will remain at the Design Museum in London, UK through the month of April, when it will be available to visitors in the exhibition Ai Weiwei. Making Sense” exhibition.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s work titled Water Lilies #1 is the largest Lego work ever made by a Chinese artist. He He added a special touch to the work by placing a “dark portal” on the right that leads to the underground shelter that Ai shared with his father when the family was exiled in Xinjiang in the 1960s.

The work

Like Monet’s paintings, Ai’s works depict the magnificent lily ponds of the Impressionist artist’s home in Giverny. The differential is on the far right side of the dashboard, where a large dark portal can be revealed.

“Without a personal narrative, the artistic narrative loses its quality,” summed up the artist about the art of reproduction, giving a special and individual breath to the work.

According to the museum’s official statement, the dark portal alludes to his childhood in Xinjiang, China. The dark Lego piece depicts the door to the underground cave where the artist and his father lived in exile in the 1960s.

“In Water Lilies #1, I integrate Monet’s impressionistic painting, which evokes Zen in the East, and my father’s concrete experiences and my own in a digitized and pixelated language,” the artist said in the community.

For professionals, traditional Lego toys with their solid parts reflect the characteristics of language in an era of rapid development.

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colorful works

Ai’s famous color works include hundreds of portraits of political prisoners and exiles, which the artist created for an exhibition in 2014.

“Ai Weiwei. “Making Sense” exhibition will include large-scale installations. Highlights include 200,000 porcelain teapots from the Song Dynasty and thousands of fragments of the artist’s own sculptures, which were destroyed in 2018.

Ai Weiwei. Making Sense will be available at the Design Museum in London from 7 April to 30 July.

In total, there were 22 different colored Lego pieces. The work is 15 meters wide and is one of the artist’s largest works. Photo: Playback/CNN Spain.

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