The average Honor X9a’s screen will have you cracking nuts

The manufacturer announced that it would soon launch the Honor X9a model. What do we know about the device at the moment? Will the smartphone conquer the world market?

  • Honor X9a will be on sale soon.
  • The manufacturer has released a clip promoting the device.
  • It is very likely that we know the model specification.

Announcing the Honor X9a model

The manufacturer presented the smartphone quite funny. To do this, he made do with an advertising clip. You can see how on it Honor X9a It is used to crack nuts.

Honor also mentioned that the smartphone will get a screen OLED with curved edges. Unfortunately, he skipped more information, but we’re here to find out.

According to the source, the phone will appear in the global market. Furthermore Honor X9a It would be a rebrand of the Honor X40 model that made its debut in September 2022.

For this reason, I recommend you read the Premiere entry for the specification of the latter. To confirm this thesis, I add that the appearance of the devices is the same.

In short, I will also outline that the Honor X40 worked on the Snapdragon 695 system, had a 5000mAh battery, and the back was equipped with a main camera with a 50MP matrix.

I also take this opportunity to mention the premiere that took place at the end of last month. The Honor 80 series debuted interesting models, which you will learn about in this news.

Light as a feather and slim as a razor, medium-sized with an official 160 MP camera. Will you buy them in Poland?

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