The aviation industry will continue to face serious challenges: expert - SABC NewsEnglish 

The aviation industry will continue to face serious challenges: expert – SABC News

Aviation expert Guy Leach says the aviation industry is expected to continue to face serious challenges over the next few years. These include tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as rising and volatile fuel prices.

On Tuesday night, Comair announced that it had suspended all its flights to and British Airways. The suspension will continue until the airline successfully secures additional funding.

The company’s lifeguard practitioners announced that the process of raising the necessary capital is underway.

Leitch explains which airlines also deal with skills shortages.

“We will probably have this problem in the next two or three years, but one of the biggest problems is the skills shortage that has already appeared on the market. Everyone expects a shortage of pilots, because many of them have used the opportunity to leave the industry, to retire earlier. We are now seeing huge problems in the United Kingdom, where staff have left and need to be replaced. The industry will find itself hopelessly understaffed. “

Comair suspends all its flights on and British Airways:

Disappointment with passengers

Disappointed passengers at OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg said there was no advance warning about the cancellation of flights, and some remained stranded at the airport.

Passengers say Comair’s help desk is not helping them and they have to pay for other flights at their own expense. “We’re trying to find flights to get home or take us to Victoria Falls, where we had to go. They can’t even take us on other flights with another company. “

Another stranded passenger said: “It’s really disappointing because I’ve been traveling since 11pm to get here, and they haven’t notified me or anything like that, and these flights have been booked for two days and they haven’t notified me. They have already taken the money and we will not return it.

“I have to go to Zimbabwe and I just came from Cyprus. And the confusing thing is that British Airways just canceled flights in the middle of the night, checking emails at the time, “said another passenger.

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