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It may seem that the knowledge of English in Poland is at a high level. It turns out that despite the mandatory lessons at school, the reality is a little different. So it’s worth taking matters into your own hands and changing it. The more we have tools that make it easier.

Learning English does not necessarily involve enrolling in a language school and attending classes. All you need is a smartphone, enthusiasm, a willingness to develop skills, a few minutes a day and, of course, English learning apps. And while it may not allow you to pass your toughest qualifying exams, you certainly won’t have to be embarrassed on your next vacation or you’ll learn more from watching your favorite English-language movies and series on VOD.

Apps for learning English. what to know before downloading

Both the App Store and Google Play are stores where you can find dozens or even hundreds of apps to help you learn English. However, choosing the only one can be quite difficult. Apps recommended by friends can be completely ineffective, especially if they don’t suit the way we learn. So, what should you consider before choosing this particular one?

Let’s start with the most important thing: the price. Free language learning apps are very popular and get a lot of attention. However, that doesn’t mean they are the best. It is worth paying attention to those who offer a free basic package and paid extensions. As we get used to using an app, we are more willing to pay for it. Equally important is the level of advancement of the class itself. Not all language learning apps are perfect for beginners and intermediate users, although some developers boast that their products will be accessible to every group, no matter what level we are at.

An important element of a well-designed application is the method of motivation and reward users. Apps available on the market offer a variety of challenges, leaderboards, bonuses and digital prizes that encourage regularity. Nothing affects a person like the specter of losing progress in classes that have been excelled for dozens of days in a row.

Applications for learning English – see our offers

We live in a time where many iOS and Android apps allow you to use them regardless of platform. With account-related applications, they enable us to choose a smartphone with one system without any major hurdles to learn on the other. The App Store and Google Play offer a rich catalog of English learning apps and choosing the only one is very difficult. Therefore, below is a brief overview of them, which we think will work best.


Duolingo is undoubtedly one of the most popular apps for learning foreign languages, and not just English. It’s a great start for those who have no previous exposure to English or want to brush up on the basics. The interface of the app is very simple and navigating it is a pure pleasure. The learning process is divided into chapters and topics, which in turn contain several lessons. This is the perfect app for people who feel they need to work on their pronunciation, as it offers a variety of exercises with a teacher. In Doulingo, we can choose not only the language, but also the time we want to spend on it. The platform will remind you of itself at the right times, and the difficulty level of the things you learn will gradually increase.

Availability: iOS, Android


Babbel is an app that will allow you to learn the language that English speakers use every day. And this is due to the author’s teaching method of the same name. According to the developers, this learning method is consistent with how we work and how our brains work. According to psychological research, we absorb knowledge more easily and quickly when the information is relevant and meaningful to us. Because of this, the scenes and dialogues deal with very common and everyday situations, such as ordering a taxi or finding a hotel nearby. Babbel users praise the app’s ease of learning grammar and remembering information.

Availability: iOS, Android


Availability: iOS, Android
Busuu is a combination of thematic courses with the idea of ​​a social platform. Finally, an English learning app can bring additional benefits. This aspect is put to great use, as the application offers to check the short written forms of native speakers of the given language. As with most apps, we can choose between a free and a paid package. The latter offers access to learning grammar, conversations with people from different countries around the world, a personalized curriculum, obtaining a certificate and an offline mode, thanks to which we can learn even without an Internet connection.

English grammar quiz and learn

Here we go to a higher level. We are dealing with a completely free application, but with a raised access threshold and, unfortunately, already abandoned by developers. However, it is worth a try. moreover, its interface is very simple and navigating it will not cause any problems. After downloading the app, users have access to tenses, basic grammar, speaking exercises and tests to test their knowledge level. The app will come in handy when you want to revise a grammar problem quickly and conveniently.

Availability: iOS, Android


HelloTalk helps anyone who wants to put their skills to the test. Thanks to this application, users can talk to each other while learning a given language. There is nothing better than talking to “natives” who use English every day and know all its ins and outs. Callers can correct our mistakes and answer any questions they may have. There is actually no language restriction in this app. If only we could find the right interlocutor, we could learn practically every language in existence. Of course, English is the most common choice.

Availability: iOS, Android

Cheap doesn’t always mean good

There are many free apps that offer users quite a few benefits. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to learn words quickly and conveniently. Unfortunately, there are also products that offer very poor quality vocabularies delivered in equally poorly made applications. It’s always better to decide on an adventure with an app that provides instructions on how to pronounce the words. unfortunately, this is not the norm. Of course, these free and simplest applications will not work where we are looking for additional help at a higher level. If you do not want to spend money blindly, it is worth choosing a free apk with paid packages and subscriptions, which are also offered in free trials. It is not necessary to pay them in advance, and this will allow us to check whether the paid functions are really useful for us. The best English learning app is the one that actually teaches us something.

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