The best apps for learning German

Would you like to learn German? Nowadays, it is not necessary to attend university or take very expensive courses to learn languages. With the apps available, you will be able to learn german and any other language you want from the comfort of your home. All you need to learn the language is your mobile device or tablet and an internet connection.

Language learning apps have very attractive, fun and easy to use feature. On the one hand, they allow it increase vocabulary, learn grammar and master the pronunciation of the language. And, on the other hand, they walk you through the process and allow you to share with those who have the same goals as you. Therefore, in this post, we will look at some apps for learning German.

The best apps for learning German

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Apps for learning German, as well as other languages, offer useful services for all types of users. For example, they are ideal for those who want to learn from scratchbut also for those who already know the language and want to apply their knowledge in practice.

Now the best thing about some of these apps is They have free versions that include many features. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to learn a new language like German. However, you can also access apps with Premium versions that offer you many more learning options.

So how do you know which app to choose to learn German? To help you through the process, here’s a List of the best apps for learning German:


The Duolingo app learns German

When it comes to learning languages, it’s impossible not to start with Duolingo. It is one of the most popular apps for learning a new language. in fact, offers over 100 free courses in over 40 languages. And while the most requested language by users is English, German is next on the list.

If you want to learn German with Duolingo, you will benefit from the following benefits:

  • Learn to read, write and speak German.
  • Communicate with other students.
  • Access an intuitive, fun and efficient interface.
  • Exercise reminders.
  • Free training.


Mosalingua app

Mosalingua is also a great option for those who want to learn German languages. Back more than 11 million users worldwide, offers a training method that promises results in a short amount of time. For example, it has more than 80 dialogues based on everyday life and more than 3,500 phrases pronounced by native speakers to improve your pronunciation.

On the other hand, this app lets you personalize your learning without the need to connect to the Internet. In this sense, you can choose your learning priorities, add personalized words or phrases and focus on your personal taste. All this offers the following advantages:

  • Learn and increase your vocabulary.
  • Improve your pronunciation.
  • Have better oral and written comprehension.
  • Improve your memory and grammar.
  • Use the available multimedia content.

Busu. Learn languages

The Busuu app learns languages

With over 10 million downloads, Busuu is another app for those who want to learn German. Busuu offers an opportunity learn the language by practicing just 10 minutes a day. In addition, thanks to corrections made by native speakers, you will be able to greatly improve your pronunciation.

Likewise, the app has a vocabulary and grammar review, which allows you to speak the language more fluently. Some The tools available on Busuu are::

  • Test (true or false).
  • Personalized curriculum.
  • Content developed by experts.
  • Track your progress.
  • Additional exercises and tests at checkout.

Apps for learning German: Babbel

Babbel App learn German

Babbel is another ideal option if you want to learn German or another language. It has 14 languages ​​and more than 5000 courses that you can use for your learning. Although it is a paid app, the first lesson of each course is free, allowing you to decide if you like how it works and want to continue.

In fact, it is one of the most downloaded language learning apps in the world because It has more than 50 million downloads. In addition, it offers the following benefits to its users:

  • Short and quick lessons.
  • Personalized learning.
  • Dialogues based on real situations.
  • Reminders to create your learning routine.
  • Learn German for just 20 minutes a day.

Rosetta Stone. Fluency Builder:

Rosetta Stone apps for learning German

Rosetta Stone is another mobile app available for learning German. It is designed so that both individuals and professionals can learn the language, either from scratch or to supplement your knowledge. One of its main advantages is that it allows you to learn at your own pace according to your time and availability.

Among the advantages of learning German are:

  • Learn under different categories.
  • Real life conversations.
  • Track learning progress.
  • Expert comments (overview).
  • Conversations with other students.

Drops tongues

Drops Languages ​​Learn German

Drops Languages ​​is an app that allows you to learn about 41 languages, including German. It has more than 1 million downloads and users have great reviews about it. This is partly due to its intuitive and fun interface, because uses illustrations and short games to encourage learning.

In fact, by practicing just 5 minutes a day, students will be able to learn and improve their everyday conversations in German. Some of the tools you can access when using Drops Languages ​​are:

  • Puns
  • Drawing training
  • travel vocabulary
  • short fun games
  • everyday life situations

Advantages and disadvantages of apps for learning German and other languages

Learn languages ​​from home

In short, apps for learning German or any other language have more advantages than disadvantages. From one side, most of them offer free services, as well as the ability to learn from anywhere. In addition, it is possible to study at any time of the day that you want, even for a few minutes, so that you do not stay.

On the other hand, you can learn at your own pace and without pressure, besides doing it in a fun and easy way. And another advantage is that these apps are able to increase your vocabulary. Which will certainly be super practical when talking to a native.

Of course, language learning apps also have some drawbacks. Like most of them They don’t have a teacher whom you can consult with your doubts. In addition, the exercises can be somewhat repetitive, which leads to a decrease in the desire of students.

However, you will find many more apps on the internet that adapt to your taste and needs when it comes to learning a language like German. For this reason, we encourage you to look at all that are available in your country and thus choose the one that best suits you personally.

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