The best laser hair removal benefits for the investment

Waxing is a process that almost all women undergo to remove unwanted body hair. And why not invest in the final process? That’s why today we’re going to celebrate The best laser hair removal benefits for the investment.

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Of the many ways to do hair removal, we chose to introduce laser hair removal because it is an option that requires fewer returns from patients to permanently eliminate their hair.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal uses the application of light directly to the root of the hair. So this causes the hair to weaken and most of it doesn’t even grow back, hence it disappears.

In this way, it is known as a permanent hair removal process, for which the procedure has to be repeated several times. Therefore, it is common to offer session packs for more permanent hair removal.

The best laser hair removal benefits for the investment

Here are some of the best laser hair removal franchises to invest in.

1st Hair Removal Franchise: Beauty Emporium

It originated in 2005 in Curitiba (PR) to offer the best aesthetic treatment for women. In 2018, it opened franchises, joining the ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association) in 2020.

In 2022, the internationalization process began to serve the following countries: Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, USA and Canada. It currently has 130 franchised units in Brazil.

It offers aesthetic services: face, body, laser hair removal, slimming, nourishing and dermocosmetics and e-commerce. The franchise offers 4 business models: Premium, Purchase, Slim and Small.

To acquire a franchised unit, it is necessary to consider the model numbers of small franchises presented by the franchisor, the most basic of the models;

  • Initial investment: R$ 195 thousand;
  • Working capital requirement: from R$ 15 thousand;
  • Franchise fee: from R$ 39,900;
  • Advertising fee: 2% of gross monthly sales;
  • Royalty fee: 7% of monthly bill;
  • Monthly settlement estimate: from R$ 117,500;
  • Profitability forecast: from 19%;
  • Expected return on investment: 16 to 24 months.

2nd Option of waxing privilege. GiOlaser

Established in 2013 with 2 beauties and TV star Giovanna Antonelli as owners, it has 275 units built all over Brazil. Knowing this, today GiOlaser belongs to the Salus Participações group, which is a consolidated holding in the healthcare market.

You will find several aesthetic treatments related to face, body and laser hair removal.

So, if you are looking for a brand unit, always consider the numbers provided by the franchisee.

  • Initial investment: R$ 620 thousand;
  • Working capital requirement: 50 thousand R$;
  • Physical space requirement: from 130 m2;
  • Franchise fee: from R$ 45 thousand;
  • Advertising fee: 3% of gross monthly income;
  • Royalty fee: 9% on monthly billing;
  • Monthly settlement forecast: from R$ 100 thousand;
  • Profitability forecast: from 30%;
  • Expected return on investment from 24 months.

Option of the 3rd privilege of epilation. Diolaser

It was established in 2010 and is currently part of the Souza Pallezari Group, whose CEO is the founder of Diolaser. This group is a manufacturer of laser hair removal equipment used by franchisees in addition to consolidating several companies in the fields of aesthetics, health and wellness.

It has 37 franchised units in Brazil, and other units in Florida, Puerto Rico and London.

It offers facial and body aesthetic treatment services, both invasive and non-invasive, with excellent results for men and women.

The technology available in the franchise is known in more than 40 countries. Therefore, it is recognized as the best in the world.

First of all, in order to purchase a licensed unit, it is necessary to take into account the figures presented by the franchisee.

  • First, the initial investment. from R$ 551 thousand;
  • Second, the need for working capital: R$ 50 thousand;
  • Need physical space soon within 40m rangetwo and 150 mtwo;
  • There is also a licensing fee from R$ 88 thousand;
  • Advertising fee: BRL 750 per month;
  • Royalties: R$ 3,500 fixed per month;
  • Monthly calculation forecast: from R$ 120 thousand;
  • Finally, there is a projected return on investment of 22 to 36 months.

Finally, these are just a few options for laser hair removal benefits in Brazil. So those who want to invest in affiliate find a good option as the profitability is huge.

So, know that the hair removal industry is very successful, especially with the arrival of hot seasons. So it’s a great idea to invest in franchises like the ones mentioned in today’s post. Good luck on this journey!

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