The Brazilian clay filter is recognized as one of the best in the world

Grandma was right! The clay filter in his house is very effective in purifying water. So much so that the Brazilian product was recognized as a result of a survey conducted in the USA.

The research of American scientists was published in Colin Ingram’s The Drinking Water Book, which is sold on Amazon.

The publication says that we have the best cleaning system on the planet.


A clay filter is good because of its filter chamber and ceramic candle composition.

The material is able to retain chlorine, pesticides, iron and aluminum.

Besides the water, which is always fresh…

Fights parasites and lead

Studies show that the Brazilian filter also combats the presence of lead by 95%.

Furthermore, it fights 99% of the cryptosporidiosis parasite that can cause diarrhea and intestinal infections.

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Like electric water purifiers, clay filters also need maintenance.

Cleaning of the sail and inner walls should be periodic for quality performance.

Therefore, you can take it from your grandmother’s house when you go to visit her.

Price in online stores

By the way, it’s a good and cheap option for your home as well.

The price in online stores ranges from 77 to 178 reais, much less than electric water purifiers.

Think about it!

A Brazilian clay filter that is effective for water purification costs between 77 and 178 reais – Photo: Disclosure

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