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The Brazilian spends 46 hours a month on social networks, says Comscore

In total, Brazilians spent 356 billion minutes on social networks in December 2022, which is equivalent to 46 hours of connection per user per month. This represents a 31% increase compared to January 2020, according to a new survey from Comscore called “Social Media Trends 2023,” which brings insights into consumer behavior on social networks.

Social networks were the most consumed online category in Brazil in December 2022. The audience of these platforms exceeded the time in categories such as entertainment, work, corporate presence, retail, financial services, among others. The study also found that they are the preferred channels for Brazilians to communicate with brands.

According to Comscore, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram were the most accessed networks by Brazilians, reaching 96.4%, 85.1% and 81.4% of the online population respectively. TikTok, Kwai and Twitter followed suit. In terms of audience consumption time, Instagram and YouTube were the platforms where Brazilians spent the most time.

The study also showed the platforms that have the most cross-consumption. The main point was about Instagram and TikTok, in relation to YouTube. 99.1% of users who access both social networks also access the video platform.

The topics that consumers are most interested in are different for each social network. Facebook users have more affinity with travel and telecommunications, while Instagrammers prefer travel and health. Those who use TikTok are interested in telecommunications and games.

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