The breakup: the best series of 2022?

2022 was certainly not a bad year for those who like to follow series. With streaming at full steam and several high-budget productions, which until a few years ago was a rarity for the format, a lot of new things came out, along with already established programs that continued with the highest quality standard as before.

However, after watching so many shows, it’s hard not to choose some that were specials that marked the year, and Ruptura is certainly one of those specials that stays in your head long after watching it.

The series is a production directed, written and produced by a name known to the general public: Ben Stiller. The star of Night at the Museum and Zoolander is usually in front of the camera, but that’s not the case here. However, it cannot be said that he is a rookie, as he has previous projects, such as Tropic Thunder, which even earned Robert Downey Jr. an Oscar nomination.

This time, Stiller brings something very different from the usual in Breakthrough. Although there are funny moments, the focus of the series is not comedy, but science fiction and mystery, with a great criticism of the work environment and the entire structure of modern society in relation to this environment so present in our lives. .

But in the end, what is Rupture about?

The series takes place in a universe almost like ours. Almost. In the world of the set, some details are a little different, but the big highlight is the surgical process called rupture. Individuals who undergo this operation have two separate areas of the brain and after it their personal life and work life are completely separated from each other.

Although the procedure seems like a dream to many, nothing is that simple. From this, two different entities are created. One of them is an external call, a person who lives his ordinary life, outside the company. The second is called internal, which remembers and lives within the work environment. The problems begin when the interns become curious to know what their life is like outside of that company.

The series begins from the point of view of “Helly R”, an employee who participated in the procedure to work at Lumon as an intern. Through Helly’s vision, we gradually discover the surroundings, after all, she has just been operated on and also has no idea where she is and, above all, who she is.

However, the protagonist is Mark S., that is, Mark Scout, as his exterior is actually called. Played by Adam Scott, he has just become the manager of the department he works for at Lumon and is primarily responsible for setting up Helly in her new world. Apart from these two, we are following two other employees more closely: Erving and Dylan.

The plot of the series develops through mystery. Although we know more about Mark’s outside life, we know next to nothing about the other three. More than that: Rupture explains virtually nothing about the characters’ jobs, since they themselves don’t know. The whole story involves finding out what it’s all about and whether Mark and his associates at the company are doing the right thing by following Lumon’s orders.

Mark, Dylan, Erving and Helly, Lumon workers we follow throughout the story

But after all, why is the series so good?

The main breaking point is through the topics covered in the series. With science fiction that connects us with the history and mystery (and charisma, of course) behind each character, the plot deals with topics that are relevant to everyone, with an emphasis on professional life and the way we deal with work.

One of the biggest highlights and the main factor in telling the story and conveying the subtext of the production is the photography done by Jessica Lee Gagné. Considering that interns are almost slaves who never leave work, the challenge of the director of photography is to create, from the usual office elements, a scenario that seems organized and completely uncomfortable for the public.

The Big Data Refinement department, where the characters work in Breakthrough

From there, the series uses and abuses perfect angles, linear and symmetrical, yet strange at the same time. Lumon’s corridors are always too long, and the camera spares no time in showing us the characters endlessly walking down them. Although everything looks very clean, it is always too big, too lonely. In addition to the creative positioning of each character on the scene, to make it look like an object within the working environment itself.

This whole structure is made to deal with the reality of the characters, especially the prisoners, who have nothing in life but their own business. The main point is to think about the balance between professional and personal life, and how comfortable and satisfied your work makes you, but this is not the only approach of the series.

The boss of Marko and the other prisoners, Miss Cobel, contrary to what the staff thinks, did not go through the disruption process. However, his life is completely dedicated to Lumon in a way that is more than professional, but also religious, creating space for discussions that go beyond the work balance, but also the very meaning of it for some people.

And above all, the aforementioned mystery is an element that always helps attract most viewers, Lost being the best example of that. The fact that only a few hints and clues are presented throughout the season has fans creating theories, and nothing better than waiting for the mystery and trying to figure it all out with friends before the big reveal!

Where to watch?

Breakthrough is currently available on Apple TV+, Apple’s streaming service. With 9 episodes, the first season has already ended, unfortunately for those who are worried that they will have to wait a bit for the next season, which has already been confirmed and even started filming.

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