The bricklayer’s glove washes the windows of drivers in Recife and surprises the fans: ‘Take’

The Bahian influencer who became famous for advertising football matches appeared on the streets of the capital of Pernambuco cleaning cars and chatting with followers

Replay/Instagram/mason’s glovemason's glove
Glove de Pedreiro appeared on social media with a scraper and a bottle of water cleaning windshields on the streets of Recife.

the influencer Iran Ferreira, known on social networks as Luva de Pedreiro, surprised his followers this Thursday the 9th and appeared on the streets of Recife washing the windows of drivers passing by. “Do you want me to clean the car, dad? It’s on, Dad. It’s the Mason’s Glove, the best in the world. Thank god. Take it, father,” he said to one of the conductors. With a scraper and a bottle of water in hand, the Bahian influencer also stopped to talk to his supporters and posted videos of the effort on social media. In the last week, Luva went through an unusual situation, after being trapped in the elevator with 12 other people and was depressed about the situation. As soon as the door opened, Ivan jumped out and headed into the hall. With more than 20 million followers on Instagram and another 23.3 million on TikTok, the influencer owns one of the largest pages on the network with content aimed at football fans. Even with his post volume down, Luva continues to entertain his fans with videos of free kicks, set shots and catchphrases.

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