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The broth will be good even after a week. All you have to do before you refrigerate it is this 1 thing

Your broth turned sour. You must have stored it wrong. Do that and it will never break again. It’s an old trick from grandma that works wonders.

You made a big pot of broth for the whole family, but after a few days the broth turned sour and cloudy. You may have missed an important step. Many people forget about it, and it allows you to prolong the freshness of the soup twice. See how to properly store the broth, and you will be able to enjoy its taste even for a whole week.

How long can the broth keep in the refrigerator?

If you have cooked a larger batch of broth for several days, remember to store it in the refrigerator. Before that, however, it must be completely cooled, as putting hot soup in the refrigerator can damage the device. Therefore, it is better to leave the soup on the counter until it cools completely and only then put it in the refrigerator. Saved like this the infusion will stay fresh for about 3 days.

What to do so that the broth does not spoil?

Storing the broth in the refrigerator, however, is not everything. If you want it to stay fresh up to 2 times longer, you can use a simple trick. Just enough to extend its usefulness strain through a sieve before putting in the refrigerator. This is extremely important, because both the vegetables and the meat in the broth accelerate the acidification of the broth. Straining will only take a few seconds and will keep the infusion fresh for up to a week.

How to keep broth longer?

However, if you have so much soup that you can’t eat it in a week, best to him freeze or freeze. These two methods allow you to preserve the full flavor of the soup and its nutritional value. How long can such a tincture be kept? Properly pasteurized broth can last several weeks in jars, and frozen broth up to six months.

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