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The business impacts of ChatGPT are more clear

To begin with, the generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that are gaining momentum will have two main impacts on business, which are becoming increasingly clear, according to André Ferreira, general manager of Latin America at LivePerson, a global conversational platform. Making automation has become a faster process. On the other hand, AI has become an assistant for humans, helping with routine tasks.

“A question-and-answer bot built on top of an existing database, using the traditional model, would easily take three to four weeks to develop, to train the entire natural language part . Now, this is possible in 10 minutes”, he said, at a LivePerson event, in Sao Paulo, this Thursday, the 9th. “We are talking about a significant impact, from the point of view of being able to automate certain tasks within companies “, he added.

Another result of the use of technology in business is the fact that AI can act as a co-pilot for the human agent, guiding it in decision-making. This is especially useful for people who have just joined a company and do not know what actions to take in certain situations, speeding up their onboarding process, since the professional does not need to “know absolutely everything”.

For him, it is mainly companies that are already more structured, in relation to AI, that will benefit, taking a significant step forward with the advances promoted by new technologies.

“Imagine the situation where an agent is talking to the customer by phone or text, and you have a tool that processes what is being said. At the same time, this co-pilot is ‘whispering’ into the agent’s ear how to best handle this customer, information that the agent would ultimately not be able to absorb. Imagine, in a telecommunications operation, the number of processes, entities that an agent needs to know. The co-pilot will be at his side to help with that,” he said.

Ferreira emphasized that the help provided by generative technology goes far beyond participation. It can also help design marketing campaigns, for example. From detailed inputs, it is possible to ask the AI ​​to generate text aimed at consumers in a specific format or tone.

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